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new york christian law society
New Legal Resources


New Legal Resources
Employment and Career Sites
Paralegal Cyber Resources
Resume of Ken Ketchum, Paralegal
Areas of Concentration
Sarkar Theory of Social Cycles and Class Hierarchy
African American Websites
Federal Tax Law
Legal Links
Sample Legal Briefs
Legal Brief Reporter
How to Shepardize
Chapter 1 - Litigation Essentials
Chapter 2 - Case Investigation
Chapter 3 - Case Evaluation & Strategy
Chapter 4 - Parties & Jurisdiction
Chapter 5 - Pleadings
Chapter 6 - Law and Motions
Chapter 7 Motions
Career Specific Sites
New York Court Reporting System
Law Center/Free On-Line Dictionary
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Legal Research Tutorials
American Digest System: Finding Court Cases
US Federal Laws/State Laws
Christian News Links
Guerilla News Network
Lewis News
Week 1 Notes
Week 2 Notes
Thursday & Monday Evening Legal Research Notes 3/27-3/31/03
Contracts - Entire 3 Classes March 27-April 2, 2003
Evidence Notes - Entire 3 Classes March 28 - April 3, 2003
Contracts and Federal Rules of Evidence Exam
Legal Employment Websites
Fitness Training Manual
Real Estate Law Notes
Criminal Law Day One Notes - Professor Cornell Odoms
Contracts Final Exam Cram
Federal Rules of Evidence
New York Criminal Law and Procedure
Criminal Procedure Day 2 Notes for April 10, 2003
Evidence Exam Cram
Corporations Notes
Intellectual Property
Corporate Law 3 Hyperlinks
Paralegal Bulletin Boards
Online Learning Academy
Real Estate Page
Bankruptcy Forms
Real Estate Links
Business Planning
Non-Profit Development
Federal District Court Forms
EEOC/Unemployment Comp Info


  1. FindLaw for The Public (New Window)
    A resource for finding legal assistance.
  2. Pre-Paid Legal Services (New Window)
    Legal services for less than a cup of coffe a day.
  3. (New Window)
    Free class action and product recall information newsletter.
  4. FreeAdvice (New Window)
    Easy-to-use site for legal information.
  5. NOLO (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  6. (New Window)
    An internet-based, real-time legal information service.
  7. (New Window)
    A comprehensive legal resource for attorneys and students.
  8. The Internet Lawyer (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  9. (New Window)
    Offers guidance from leading lawyers, legal information for small businesses and comprehensive legal solutions.
  10. American Bar Association (New Window)
    Official site of the national organization for lawyers.


    uBid (New )
    Head to head bidding
    wars. Go now.

  11. Court TV Legal Help (New Window)
    A legal self-help resource from Court TV.
  12. (New Window)
    Where legal professionals and law students come for news, legal information and e-law services.
  13. (New Window)
    A revolutionary service that matches clients with IP needs with the right attorney who meets their skill and fee criteria.
  14. The Consumer Law Page (New Window)
    A great legal resource for consumers.
  15. Legal Information Institute (New Window)
    Vast Variety of resources dealing with law, provided by the Cornell School of Law.
  16. Yale Law School (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  17. Institute for First Amendment Studies (New Window)
    Specializes in freedom of speech legal issues.
  18. (New Window)
    Find a lawyer, learn about laws, and know your legal options.
  19. Encyclopedia of Law & Economics (New Window)
    A law and economics literature resource.
  20. Death Penalty Information Center (New Window)
    Lobby group attempting to reverse the death penalty law.


    WorkTree (New )
    Search the largest job
    directory on the web.

  21. Federal Gateway (New Window)
    Huge directory of federal government links.
  22. U.S. Department of Justice (New Window)
    Working to enforce the laws and interests of the United States.
  23. JURIST (New Window)
    An open to the public legal resource designed for and by law professors.
  24. U.S Copyright Office (New Window)
    Provides copyright guidelines and an easy-to-use search engine.
  25. lexisONE (New Window)
    Features caselaw, legal forms and an Internet legal guide.
  26. (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  27. Supreme Court Collection (New Window)
    Learn about the current and previous Supreme Court justices.
  28. THOMAS (New Window)
    Government search engine.
  29. First Amendment Cyber-Tribune (New Window)
    Specializes in freedom of speech issues and legal developments.
  30. LawyerShop (New Window)
    The easiest and fastest way to find any type of lawyer in your metro area.

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    of everything.

  31. Boston University School of Law (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  32. Quicklaw America (New Window)
    Online legal publisher.
  33. The Association of American Law Schools (New Window)
    Homepage of the national law school association with links and more.
  34. GPO Access (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  35. Ohio State University College of Law (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  36. American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (New Window)
    A professional association consisting of approximately 2,700 lawyers from throughout the United States.
  37. (New Window)
    An Internet legal directory.
  38. Legal Center (New Window)
    A source for legal information solutions from
  39. Attorney Locate (New Window)
    Helps you locate attorneys in your area.
  40. Valuelaw Consulting (New Window)
    Provides a full range of services to optimize the relationship between law firms and their clients.

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    Features the best selection of
    posters and prints in the world.

  41. Brief Reporter (New Window)
    Archive of legal briefs.
  42. CataLaw (New Window)
    "Catalog of catalogs of law on the 'net."
  43. Claitor's Law Books and Publishing Division (New Window)
    Distributes Government Printing Office documents.
  44. Today in Congress (New Window)
    Guide to daily congressional activities from the Washington Post.
  45. Cyberspace Bar Association (New Window)
    Provides lawyer referrals.
  46. Democracy Network (New Window)
    Public interest site for election information from the League of Women Voters.
  47. MegaLaw (New Window)
    Includes law links, research information and search engine.
  48. Dumb Laws (New Window)
    A huge collection of the most senseless laws throughout the world.
  49. EPA (New Window)
    The homepage of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  50. FCC (New Window)
    The homepage of the Federal Communications Commission.


    peoplesound (New )
    Get free Mp3s and
    music downloads.

  51. Law (New Window)
    Information on legal issues, events and resources.
  52. FDA (New Window)
    Food and Drug Administration's homepage.
  53. Federal Courts Law Review (New Window)
    Designed for scholars of federal legal issues.
  54. FindLaw (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  55. Hieros Gamos (New Window)
    A general legal guide.
  56. Duke University School of Law (New Window)
    Top ranked law school.
  57. (New Window)
    Legal document search engine.
  58. Columbia Law School (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  59. (New Window)
    Valuable law information for professionals and consumers.
  60. Legal dot Net (New Window)
    A directory of legal resources.


    eBay (New )
    The largest auction site in the world.
    Bid on millions of items.

  61. American Legal Ethics Library (New Window)
    Covers ethical issues facing the legal profession.
  62. Law About (New Window)
    Directory of legal resources on the Internet.
  63. United States Code (New Window)
    Unabridged U.S. law resource.
  64. Emory University School of Law (New Window)
    Top-ranked law school's home page
  65. SeniorLaw (New Window)
    Information regarding elder law, Medicare, estate planning and other valuable resources.
  66. LegalZoom (New Window)
    Uses the latest online technology to help consumers prepare legal documents.
  67. Federal Communications Law Journal (New Window)
    Online version of the legal journal.
  68. NYU School of Law (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  69. UCLA School of Law (New Window)
    A top U.S. law school.
  70. University of Michigan Law School (New Window)
    A top-ranked American law school.


    Tower Records (New )
    Music and movie retail industry giant
    offering some of the lowest prices anywhere.

  71. Law Forum (New Window)
    Directory of legal resources.
  72. LawGuru (New Window)
    A legal self-help resource.
  73. (New Window)
    Directory of the nation's courts as well as other legal resources.
  74. Lawlink Legal Research Jumpstation (New Window)
    Directory of law links.
  75. (New Window)
    Lawinfo offers a searchable directory to find lawyers, expert witnesses, paralegals, court reporters, private investigators, process servers, free legal forms & other legal support services.
  76. (New Window)
    General legal resource.
  77. Law and Politics: Internet Guide (New Window)
    One-stop source for legal research.
  78. CaseMatch (New Window)
    Provides information on finding and hiring attorneys.
  79. LawResearch (New Window)
    A general legal resource.
  80. University Law Review Project (New Window)
    A law journal index with search engine.

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  81. (New Window)
    Free legal advice on US and international law.
  82. Cornell Law Review (New Window)
    Online version of the bimonthly law journal.
  83. The National Law Net (New Window)
    Index of law-related web sites.
  84. American Law Sources On-line (New Window)
    A directory of free legal resources on the Internet.
  85. BitLaw (New Window)
    A resource on technology law.
  86. WWW Virtual Library: Political Science (New Window)
    Political science web directory.
  87. Ask A Lawyer (New Window)
    A legal self-help resource.
  88. National Law Journal (New Window)
    Online version of the weekly law journal.
  89. National Bar Association (New Window)
    National organization for lawyers.
  90. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (New Window)
    A bimonthly general law journal.

    Sponsor (New )
    Online bookstore with
    over 2.5 million titles.

  91. GovSearch (New Window)
    Government search engine.
  92. Legal Engine (New Window)
    Over 1000 pages of information on just about everything dealing with law.
  93. National Federation of Paralegal Associations (New Window)
    A professional resource for paralegals and other legal aids.
  94. San Bernardino County Bar Association (New Window)
    Free access to federal law information and attorneys.
  95. Supreme Court Historical Society (New Window)
    A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. Lots of Supreme Court resources.
  96. Public Affairs Web (New Window)
    Frequently updated public affairs and legal information resource.
  97. QuickLaw (New Window)
    A Canadian legal database.
  98. The Ethics Connection (New Window)
    Provides ethics tests and articles.
  99. University of Iowa - International and Comparative Law Program (New Window)
    A top-ranked American law school.
  100. United Nations (New Window)
    Official site of the United Nations.


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