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Dispatch: Cruise Missiles and Car Bombs
Missiles hit Ansar, suicide bomber kills journalist. Things get messy in the north.
Borzou Daragahi, March 22, 2003

Halliburton Makes a Killing on War
Cheney's former company profits from supporting troops.
Pratap Chatterjee, March 22, 2003

Dispatch: Still Waiting
An eerie quiet on the northern front.
Borzou Daragahi, March 21, 2003

Cronies at the Trough
A short list of big GOP contributors poised to rebuild Iraq.
GNN, Center for Responsive Politics, March 21, 2003

The Long View: America's Illegal War
An interview with the Pentagon Papers' Daniel Ellsberg.
Steven Rosenfeld, March 21, 2003

Backlash Begins
Globe reax. They're pissed.
GNN, Wire Services, March 20, 2003

Arrogance of Power
"Today, I weep for my country..."
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), March 19, 2003

New: Letters from Northern Iraq
Liberation? Another perspective from an Iraqi in the Kurdish-controlled north.
Dr. Ali Sindi, March 19, 2003

Metaphors That Kill
The Nation as Person, and how metaphors frame our perception of war.
George Lakoff, March 19, 2003

Point by Point, Lie by Lie
A handy, annotated critique of Bush's address to the nation.
Stephen Zunes, March 18, 2003

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"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."
-- Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale

"I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government... It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now. "
-- Senator Graham as quoted in Senator: At Least One Foreign Country Assisted the 9/11 Terrorists
"While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk."
-- Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel

"Documents from the inquiry show that one unauthorized person who was observed entering the lab building at night was Langford's predecessor, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, who at the time no longer worked at Fort Detrick. A surveillance camera recorded Zack being let in at 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 23, 1992" --"Anthrax Missing From Army Lab", The Hartford Courant, January 20, 2002 By JACK DOLAN And DAVE ALTIMARI, Courant Staff Writers
Israel running assassinations inside US.
"Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International." 


Lawmakers' home offices Mail Major media addresses


"O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to battle -- be Thou near them! With them -- in spirit -- we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved fire sides to smite the foe.
 O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells;
help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead
help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain;
help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire;
help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst,
sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it
-- for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen."

              -- Mark Twain, "The War Prayer".

3/22/03 Experts: Anthrax Attack Could Cost 100,000+ Lives Interesting timing, given the LaGuardia story.

3/22/03 Gary Hart: Code Red is coming Planning a little staged terror to get there? Perhaps with some slightly delayed Anthrax?

3/22/03 Al Qaeda Near Biological, Chemical Arms Production Just a week ago, the WP was saying Al Qaeda was all but history. Then suddenly, today's media is flooded with stories about Anthrax, Code Red, and the new biological threat from Al Qaeda, all on a day an Israeli woman is discovered at La Guardia packing a  9 inch cylinder of an unknown white powder that sickens the airport screeners, which the initial reports say tests positive for Anthrax. Is something bad about to happen, to be blamed on the wrong people (again)?

3/22/03 Class action starts against Rumsfeld, DoD over anthrax vaccine Barting an actual attack, of course.

3/22/03 Halliburton Makes a Killing on War

3/22/03 Blast from the past (so to speak) Truck tested positive for explosives in Washington State, yet the Israeli driver and passenger were only detained for being in the country illegally. A story to remember in light of today's LaGuardia incident.

3/22/03 Hundreds of thousands in Spanish anti-war protests

3/22/03 US admits missiles landed in Iran "Whoops! Dang. Well, I guess that won't be a friendly nation much longer."

3/22/03 Missing ITN crew may have come under 'friendly fire' Not very friendly.

3/22/03 U.S.: No Sign of Iraq Bio-Weapons Yet "The shipment got delayed somewhere in New York."

3/22/03 Russian analysis is that the war in Iraq isn't quite the cakewalk the US hoped.

3/22/03 In an effort to assuage public concern over civilian casualties in Iraq, President Bush has pledged that America will do its utmost to "spare innocent lives." And if you believe that, I have a watch to sell you!

3/22/03 Killers On The Payroll

3/22/03 Massacre at Basra Yes, Virginia, the US is killing civilians. And you paid for it.

3/22/03 US soldier held in grenade attack of US "leadership tent". "Fragging" was commonplace in Vietnam

3/22/03 Imagine

3/22/03 Hawaii protests gaining momentum

3/22/03 250,000 anti-war protesters march in London Every day, we grow stronger!

3/22/03 200,000 protest in New York!

3/22/03 Thousands In Berlin Take To Street To Protest Iraq War

Photo of dead Iraqi soldiers. Notice that white flag?


3/22/03 Afghanistan omitted from US aid budget

3/22/03 Israel to Win Aid from U.S. Iraq War Package



3/22/03 READER PHOTOS FROM HONOLULU 3-22 PEACE MARCH Plus one (count him, one) pro-war guy.

3/22/03 Anti-war protesters take to the streets

3/22/03 Hey, Mr. Blix, Lookie HERE!!!!!!!!

3/22/03 NOT IN OUR NAME - protest info

3/22/03 Major anti-war rallies planned in US on Saturday

3/22/03 Thousands join anti-war protests in NZ

3/22/03 Hong Kong Closes School As Killer Virus Spreads

3/22/03 Northwest airlines cuts 4,900 jobs

3/22/03 Mexico announces plan to sell dollars. It starts.


3/22/03 LaGuardia Airport evacuated "The central terminal of LaGuardia Airport was evacuated. It happened Friday when a gas mask and white powder were found in an Israeli woman's bag. She was traveling from Israel to Texas. The first test came up positive for anthrax, but a second test proved negative. " local copy*

3/22/03 LaGuardia Powder Incident This seems to be the same story which was initially reported, then removed, on CNN. This version says the powder was harmless, but fails to say why the screeners still had to be decontaminated. Note that in this version of the story, the powder was found in a checked bag and the woman was on the plane before she could be questioned. local copy*

3/22/03 Ten people made ill by harmless powder local copy*

3/22/03 In this story, the powder was found on the Israeli woman's handbag, not the checked luggage So how did she escape arrest and get on the plane to Texas? local copy*

3/22/03 Another report on the "harmless" powder that made people ill. Again the report that the powder was found in the woman's handbag, so why wasn't the woman detained? local copy*

3/22/03 Powder was in 9 inch cylinder alongside gas mask. Screener developed rash on hands after handling. local copy*

3/22/03 Suspicious Vial Found In Luggage At LaGuardia local copy*

3/22/03 Vial from luggage OK but screeners decontaminated local copy*

3/22/03 Authorities Close a Ticketing Area At LaGuardia Due To Suspicious Substance local copy*

3/22/03 Texan Questioned in NYC Airport Incident Strange mutation, the woman originally identified as Israeli, is now a Texan! local copy*

3/22/03 Powdery substance found at New York's LaGuardia This article shows "story creep". Earlier reports had the screeners feeling sick. This artticle says they were just "itchy".

3/22/03 NY airport screeners decontaminated This report tries to claim that the 9 inch cylinder of powder was just a vial of talcum. Now, talcum is a pretty well known substance, and the containers it is sold in are clearly marked and are usually described in words like "bottle" or "can", whereas this item is described as a "cylinder", a very unusual word to use for a common household product package. Left unexplained si why ten screeners became sick from Talcum, why talcum would cause a rash on the hand of the man who opened it, and why the people had to be decontaminated for talcum.

Powder and gasmask found in luggage but Israeli woman not detained, allowed to board plane to Texas. The powder tests positive for anthrax, then is declared to be harmless, but ten people become sick and are treated, plus the screeners (one of whom gets a rash on his hands) are decontaminated.

Contrast the handling of this woman with the men who were thrown in jail for three weeks for soap powder.

  Why do I get the feeling that a staged terror attack to blame on Iraq just fell apart?

More to the point, how many other Israelis are now inside the US with 9 inch cylinders of "harmless powder" and gas masks?

* The local copies are saved because of the lesson learned from Carl Cameron's news story of the Israeli Spy Ring and the existance of evidence, classified by the US Government, linking the arrested spies to 9-11. That story was yanked from the Fox News servers almost immediatly. So, while the original URLs are linked above, there are also local copies to deter changes and erasures.

3/22/03 US leaves Pakistan as protest spreads

3/22/03 14 arrested during anti-war protest in East Lansing

3/22/03 Thousands protest outside NATO HQ in Naples

3/22/03 Trouble awaits U.S. in north

3/22/03 Angry Arabs, Fiery Sermons, Condemn US Led War

3/22/03 Let us not forget how we got into this mess.

3/22/03 Anti-War Protest Draws 20,000 In Switzerland

3/22/03 Another wave of protests sweeps across the world

3/22/03 Tokyo peace protest draws thousands

3/22/03 Tens of Thousands in London Protest Iraq War

3/22/03 Saudis draft plans to handle nuke strike


3/22/03 In the minutes following the beginning of the American attack on Baghdad, Bush went on television with a somber visage to announce that the war had commenced. However, The Times reports (March 20), when the cameras weren't trained on him, he pumped his fist and declared, "Feel good!" Does this president not realize that sending young American men and women into battle to face the possible loss of their own lives, not to mention those of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, is not a cause for celebration?

3/22/03 War Ripples Hit Real Estate

3/22/03 APPLE GOES ON HIGHEST ALERT EVER Gotta watch out for those folks with the Anthrax at La Guardia!

3/22/03 The Bush administration is drafting a new executive order that will delay the release of millions of historical documents for more than three years and make it easier to reclassify information that could damage national security. ...or turn up as evidence in court.

3/22/03 Israeli loan deal claim irritates US Israel has irritated the US by revealing private assurances from Condoleezza Rice to Benjamin Netanyahu that the White House has approved $10bn (£6.4bn) in aid before it was formally announced in Washington. (Who does Rice really work for?)

3/22/03 Backpack full of Molotov cocktails found in S.F. Discovery near planter box at 11th and Howard streets THIS IS MOST LIKELY A COINTELPRO-STYLE STUNT TO TRY TO DISCREDIT THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT. THEY PLAYED THE SAME GAMES DURING VIETNAM.

3/22/03 Portrait of the Freepers Free Republic has taken on the role of Israel's protector, and you thought they were concerned about America.

3/22/03 Melbourne Keeps Up The Protests More photos.

3/22/03 U.S. Battles Calls for Emergency UN Session on Iraq

3/22/03 Spain's Qaeda Suspects Had Detergent Not Weapons Headlines when arrested, hardly a mention when released.

3/22/03 US hunts regime's hidden billions And it's hidden with all those weapons of mass destruction, too!

3/22/03 Imminent war with Iraq draws approval, dissent Nah, Israel's supporters don't want this war, otherwise Israel would be named among the coalition of the willing.

3/22/03 The French strike back "American cheese" now called "Atrocity Cheese"

3/22/03 Anti-war protesters take to the streets

3/22/03 Iraq shows civilians caught in US attack.

3/22/03 Meanwhile In Congress... The House Passes Anti-Consumer Bankruptcy Bill Ninety percent of personal bankruptcies are caused by the loss of a job, high medical bills or divorce. With the economy slumping and many working families struggling to keep up, it doesnt make sense that Congress would be considering legislation that would harm ordinary Americans who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

3/22/03 US attacking Kurds.

3/22/03 Protest Against McDonalds and Pretzels for Bush

3/22/03 Palestinian protesters call on Saddam to hit Haifa and Tel Aviv

3/22/03 40 are charged in Baltimore protest

3/22/03 Crowds out in Belfast protest

3/22/03 Google refuses anti-war add, labels anti-war sites as "hate sites". Hey, we're not the ones dropping bombs and killing people!

3/22/03 Protest 'anarchy' in San Francisco Compared to the Republicans and the Democrats, anarchy is starting to look good!

3/22/03 Americans raise hackles by flying Stars and Stripes in Iraq

3/22/03 Adviser quits Foreign Office over legality of war

3/22/03 Tornado pilots: 'Baghdad was a red glow'

Operation Iraqi Freedom (you can tell by the flag, right?)

3/22/03 Editorial: Bye-Bye CNN Iraq has now thrown CNN out of Baghdad for acting as a crude propaganda tool of the Bush administration. It is difficult to have any sympathy for that particular news outlet, so repulsively gung-ho has it been, so preposterously shallow its coverage of anything that actually matters. (not to mention the real-time bomb-damage assessment services it provided)

3/22/03 My Dear Americans With each weapon of mass destruction landing in Iraq, Bush is condemning thousands of innocent Iraqis to death. And his stated purpose? To set them free of tyranny.

3/22/03 Canadians back Chrétien on war, poll finds 71% approve of decision to stay out (I approve, too).

3/22/03 It's hard to believe the US claims of a war for Justice and Democracy when the pilots that shot up the Canadians go free.

Webcam image of today's London Protest

3/22/03 Baghdads Night of Terror For the message of last nights raid was the same as that of Thursdays raid, that of all the raids in the hours to come: That the United States must be obeyed. That the EU, UN, NATO nothing must stand in its way.

3/22/03 INFO ON MINNESOTA PROTESTS There is another staged and paid-for pro-war rally setting up that needs to be countered. Remember that Hitler used massive staged rallies to create the illusion that all Germany was behind him. Bush is playing the same game unless you stand up and be seen.

3/22/03 United States Puts a Spin On Coalition Numbers In other words, they lied again.


3/22/03 Secret Bids: Companies, Including Big GOP Donors, Invited to Vie for Iraq Contracts You get to pay to blow it all up, now you get to pay to rebuild it. This is just another excuse to suck more money out of you and hand it to favored cronies.

3/22/03 Bush Completing Massive Tax Plan to Pay for Iraq War Bend over and spread 'em, citizen. You didn't think the oil companies were going to pay for this slaughter, did you? Note the price of the weapons. I wonder what your local school could do with that kind of money.

3/22/03 After the Shock and Awe, next will come the despair There are some, now, for whom war becomes riveting simply as spectator sport and who feel impatient at any discussion of its purpose. They need not bother to read on.

3/22/03 On the eve of the American assault on Iraq, it wasn't known whether President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had reached an understanding concerning the nature of the Israeli response in the event that Israel is attacked with nonconventional weapons. Americans may be fooled by the fact that Israel isn't listed as part of the "coalition of the willing", but nobody else is.

3/22/03 Rockets hit Iranian village There are reports of violations of Iran's air space by US and UK warplanes, suggesting that this is an intentional attempt to kick off a war in Iran.

3/22/03 The Arab world's papers were universal in their condemnation of what Abd-Elwahhab Badrakhan, writing in Al-Hayat, branded the "first illegal war of the 21st century"

3/22/03 Hell Rains Down on Iraqis So much for not wanting to hit civilians. The US blitzkrieg is killing everything in sight.

3/22/03 Pravda: MURDERERS!! Nobody tells you the truth about you faster than someone who does not like you.

3/22/03 France, Go Home!!! USA on the Offensive on All Fronts US at war with the entire world?

3/22/03 USA lied about Iraq's weapons A US-based Norwegian weapons inspector accuses the USA and Secretary of State Colin Powell with providing the United Nations Security Council with incorrect and misleading information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), newspaper Dagbladet reports.

By now it should be obvious that Iraq is not the formidable enemy the Bush administration claimed lay in wait. If Saddam really had WMDs he would have used them by now. NO banned weapons have been used. No terror attacks have occurred anywhere in the US. It was all a gigantic hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media to sell a war of conquest for Iraq's oil. The US is the arch-villain of the 21st Century.

3/22/03 Rockets hit Iran, US, UK jets enter airspace-IRNA Yep, trying to start a war in Iran, now.

3/22/03 UN to have no political power in postwar Iraq ... or the world, if Bush has his way.

3/22/03 Iran complains of airspace violations by coalition

3/22/03 Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires says he's ready to lead a Highbury strike over the war on Iraq. A French revolution would deal a massive blow to Arsenal's title prospects, but Pires says he and his Highbury team-mates are not prepared to sacrifice principles for silverware.

3/22/03 Iraq defectors offered no-bomb havens "Y'all just crowd right into this one building and have someone wave a flag on top for our bombers to targ... to make sure they miss."

3/22/03 Palestinians fear for their safety in upcoming days; demand guarantees from international community

3/22/03 Attacks in Afghanistan show upsurge, US says Remember a year and a half ago when the US claimed that the war in Afghanistan would be a quick one?

3/22/03 Churchill's great-granddaughter 14, led 600 students in protest...!!!!

3/22/03 Pentagon confirms three US cruise missiles hit Iran "C'mon, I DARE ya to do something about it!!!!"

3/22/03 All-out assault on Saddam's regime, Basra The ease with which the US is carrying out this massacre only proves that Iraq was never really a threat.

3/22/03 ACTION ALERT: In Iraq Crisis, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views No kidding. That's why Thursday night's war coverage on ABC was beaten in the ratings by a "Friends" rerun on NBC and the NCAA college basketball tournament on CBS.

3/22/03 RATS' FURY AT ARMOUR SHORTAGE Probably worried about those stoned American pilots.

Saving the oil wells??????

3/22/03 Pope says war 'threatens humanity'

3/22/03 Those helicopters were NOT shot down. They, they, they, they, .... ran into each other! That's it, they ran into each other. But they were NOT shot down!

3/22/03 Protests have been staged across South Asia against the US-led attack on Iraq.

3/22/03 Thousands join anti-war protests in NZ

3/22/03 'Many wounded' in Baghdad: Red Cross

3/22/03 NZ, Australia Lead Fresh Asian Anti-War Protests

3/22/03 Cluster of protesters makes views known

3/22/03 Anti-war protests bring thousands out on the streets from Japan to New Zealand

3/22/03 Duct Tape, Tinfoil and Spam

3/22/03 Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War - Cheney's Former Company Profits from Supporting Troops Wealth for them, more taxes for you.

3/22/03 The American World Order Dubya, Dubya, Uber Alles!

3/22/03 It's all about dying. But how many casualties will the public take? There is no "reset" button on death. Once your son, your husband, your brother, or your father are dead, they STAY dead. Here, have a medal or something.

3/22/03 Zam: Watch CNN, BBC Coverage With Critical Mind I prefer not to watch ABCNNBCBS or BBC at all.

3/22/03 America continues propaganda war "Any minute now, Saddam will use those weapons of mass destruction we know he has been hiding. Any minute now. Yep. Any minute. Right about now. Soon. Any minute. Soon now. Really. Soon. Maybe after we get back from lunch."

3/22/03 Three Afghans Killed, Four Abducted in Attacks The war in Afghanistan rages on, more than a year after the US promised it would be over.

3/22/03 Russia Vows to Stop US Move to Legitimize Iraq War

3/22/03 WHOSE WAR IS THIS? IT IS ISRAEL'S? Or hadn't you wondered why a nation with Commandoes in Iraq and troops already in Jordan somehow is never listed on the "Coalition of the willing"?


3/22/03 Bedouin who have cultivated their lands for generations find themselves under attack by the state of Israel - and their crops destroyed by herbicides. Chemical warfare?

3/22/03 ISRAEL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO FORGET THE MURDER OF RACHEL CORRIE...NEVER! The tear gassing of her memorial service is what really pissed everyone off.

3/22/03 PM controlled by US: Brown He's sure controlled by SOMEONE (other than his constituency).

3/22/03 Questions...Questions... Better start thinking about the answers

3/22/03 Rachel Corrie: Solidarity Movement Differs With Washington Post Demolishing civilian homes is an atrocious act of violence that violates Articles 12 and 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Articles 33, 53, and 54 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Despite this clear international prohibition, the Israeli military government has carried out thousands of these home demolitions with impunity; resulting in thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians left without basic shelter and experiencing a cataclysmic blow to their lives, some becoming refugees for the second or third time in their lives.

3/22/03 It is as if Buckingham Palace, the White House, Parliament and Congress had all been wiped off the map in 45 awful minutes. The main symbols of sovereignty in one nation obliterated. A power denuded in less time than an episode of West Wing. The emperor's suit of clothes just a molten hanger. I have been in many places, in many wars, but never had to endure anything close to the 45 minutes which has just taken place. Wherever one looked, any direction, north, west, south or east, there were explosions. Too many to count them. Too many buildings ablaze to count them. Just a seemingly relentless and remorseless eruption. And they dare call this "liberation".

3/22/03 Government moves to close down "Camp Rachel".

3/22/03 Undeterred by mass arrests, raucous bands of demonstrators marched through the streets of San Francisco yesterday in the largest of antiwar protests around the country.

3/22/03 No Iraqi is worth this playing the propaganda game by their rules.

3/22/03 Local anti-war activist spends night in jail, returns for more

3/22/03 The War Seizes the Internet

3/22/03 Student suspended for 2 days for refusing to remove "Stop the war" T-shirt. "We here at the state schools cannot tolerate this sort of thing. What if EVERYONE wanted to stop the war? What would we do then?!?" Seriously, as student see their teachers and administrators as enforcers of government doctrine, rather than enforces of morality, all respect for those teachers' and administrators' authority will vanish.

3/22/03 Russia Sends Jets to Eye U.S. Spy Planes US spy planes over Georgia?

3/22/03 Global anti-war protests

3/22/03 In pictures: Baghdad under attack

3/22/03 U.S. Says Nine Oil Wells Sabotaged in South Iraq HORROR OF HORRORS, THEY ARE KILLING THE OIL!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice how the burning oil gets more media coverage than the burning people?

3/22/03 Iran Oil Depot Hit By Rocket - Iran Warns US, UK


3/22/03 In pictures: Anger in Jordan

3/22/03 EU States Seek Defense Pact Without UK Phony Tony's legacy, an isolated Britain.

3/22/03 Did the Mossad commit the terrorist acts against the US on 9/11?

3/22/03 US Readies Aid for Egypt to Offset Iraq War Hey, it's only YOUR money.

3/22/03 America's rogue rage is a green light for monsters

3/22/03 Bombing cuts human shields link

3/22/03 AFP Reports Australian PM Under Siege at Own Residence for Committing Aussie Troops to War. What's the Australian equivalent for tarring and feathering?

3/22/03 Aid agencies report 500,000 Iraqis displaced

3/22/03 Protesters Promise More Anti-War Rallies

3/22/03 A Generation Used to War Voices Doubts On New Fight

3/22/03 A sad day for America and the world

3/22/03 "Sparing the public the horrors of war" An impromptu news conference by Iraqi information minister Al Sahaf, held in one of the destroyed "bunkers" in Baghdad, was unexpectedly cut from live broadcast by CNN because of "faulty translation." Al Sahaf claimed the devastated building was a hospitality residence housing foreign dignitaries like Nelson Mandela and not a military bunker. CNN promised to return to the Al Sahaf broadcast. That did not materialize. The real reason CNN cut the broadcast was because Al Sahaf launched a verbal barrage against Bush and U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld calling them "bastardized criminals who must be hit on the head by the boot." CNN did not want you to hear that. (No wonder Iraq kicked CNN out. After duplicity like that I would have kicked them out too!)

3/22/03 Iran protests violation of its airspace.

3/22/03 Do you trust George Bush to run the war? This is a man who as a child put firecrackers inside frogs and blew them up.

3/22/03 Heavy tank fighting around Basra. Foreign press reporting heavy US casualties.

3/22/03 Satellite Photos of Iraq for Sale Interesting, you can purchase the highest resolution satellite images of even the most secure US facilities yet the US congress places limits on imaging Israel. What is going on inside that nation that the US Congress doesn't want you to know about?

3/22/03 Shell finds £3.9bn pension fund hole Oh, hey, well, you didn't REALLY want to retire anyway, right?

3/22/03 Antiwar demonstrations in Arab countries turn violent

3/22/03 Israelis "used secret weapons in Gaza"

3/22/03 The United States strongly opposes any unilateral move by Turkey into Iraq Say, WHAT?!?!?!?!?

3/22/03 Repost: CIA pressured to "change" Iraq Data.

3/22/03 Arabs seethe as TV shows Iraq destruction Not just Arabs.

3/22/03 TAKE BACK THE MEDIA Working on it.

3/22/03 Iraq war generates predictions of Apocalypse The Bible-bangers are drooling, thinking they only have to wait a few more sin-free moments before they get invited up to the big house!

3/22/03 So where are Saddam's weapons? Where is the terror machine we were all told this war was about?


3/21/03 Russia demands UN ruling on war

3/21/03 Iraq ambassador lambastes U.N. chief Annan

3/21/03 Father of Marine killed in Iraq has strong words for Bush

3/21/03 The World Weeps

3/21/03 Protesters Rally Outside Lieberman's Office

3/21/03 "Shock & Awe" Blinding Investors The bombing of Baghdad apparently has investors watching CNN's war coverage instead of the latest economic news. If they were paying closer attention to the latest economic reports, they would see that the economy is getting worse, not better. For instance, energy-led price increases are undoubtedly squeezing consumers, and the employment situation is getting worse by the week.

3/21/03 1,000 Turkish Troops Move Into N. Iraq The US sold out the Kurds to the Turks.

3/21/03 Aldouri accuses Annan of helping US Annan has never stood up to the US, or to Israel, for that matter.

3/21/03 Fans boo as U.S. national anthem is played

3/21/03 Baghdad burns after US blitzkrieg

3/21/03 Well, THAT explains everything!!





3/21/03 Iraq torches seven oil wells The oil wells get more coverage than the Iraqi people. and they said this war was not about the oil!

3/21/03 ''Pentagon press briefing: farce, charade and deception''

3/21/03 Conflict Could Spill Over to Other Regions: Putin That's always been the plan.

3/21/03 An Anti-War Column: Bush Likudniks seek to start 'World War IV'

3/21/03 Long Beach Woman Alleges Police Brutality During Protest

3/21/03 More than 200,000 protest against Iraqi war in Athens

3/21/03 Arizona protesters take to the streets

3/21/03 Protests erupt in Australia for a second day.

3/21/03 Iran Oil Depot Hit By Rocket - Iran Warns US, UK Trying to jump-start the war in Iran?

3/21/03 Russian News site claims Americans suffered heavy losses Not confirmed yet, however.

3/21/03 One Thousand Leave Classes In Protest

3/21/03 Antiwar Activists Gear Up For Protest In NYC Saturday

3/21/03 Anti-War Protestors Gather Again The day after 120 were arrested, the crowds gather again.

3/21/03 First contact disappoints some Marines The Iraqis turn out to be less than the horrible ogres Bush claimed they were.

3/21/03 There was little initial resistance as the United States Marines swept into southern Iraq early yesterday. One of the first encounters of the ground war was more like a massacre than a fight. Where is this fierce and capable enemy we were all told we had to destroy before they destroyed us? Where is the terror that we were told by our leaders we had to fear? All I see are helpless men with outdated equipment being slaughtered by a superpower that raises the flag of conquest over their graves.


3/21/03 Israeli nuclear 'power' exposed A reminder of just who DOES have nuclear weapons of mass destruction in the Mideast

3/21/03 Pro-Israel General Will Oversee Reconstruction of Postwar Iraq

3/21/03 Shock & Awe "A-day". "A" is for "Atrocity

3/21/03 Contrary to US reports, Umm Qasr is not yet in control

3/21/03 Bubbles of fire tore into the sky above Baghdad


3/21/03 Administration blasts Diamondback cartoon Your letters and phone calls worked.

3/21/03 Okay, let me get this straight. The US has defied the United Nations in order to attack Iraq, ostensibly for defying the United Nations, and now after telling the rest of the UN members to go jump in the lake, the US expects the United Nations to clean up the US' mess? Talk about Chutzpah !!!

3/21/03 Tireless anti-war effort continues "Coalition forces also fired around 60 missiles at the capital city and bombed some oil wells."

3/21/03 Massive blasts near Basra "Hey, it's MOAB, honest. See? We have one on a trailer to show you! And ignore those electro-magnetic effects, that's just the E-bombs."

3/21/03 Rocky topic in Rocky Point One is 20-year-old Aaron Goldstien, who is studying to be a rabbi. "There'd be a lot of dry eyes in my friendship group if the war spilled over into Palestinian soil," he said. "You've got to break some eggs, (which he referred to as Iraqi soldiers and civilians including women and children) to make an omelette." Goldstien said he's happy to be in Mexico for spring break, and though he foresees terrorist repercussions around the world, he dismisses it as "collateral damage"

3/21/03 Four protesters killed in Middle East

3/21/03 The crisis of American capitalism and the war against Iraq The US pulverizes a helpless country for profit.

Israel's cover is blown!

3/21/03 A rest stop 200 kilometers west of Baghdad was pulverized by a missile attack yesterday, which Iraqi soldiers claim originated from Jordan.

3/21/03 Israeli special forces join 'secret front' in Jordan

3/21/03 Report: Israeli forces operating inside Iraq, hunting missiles

3/21/03 US should take Rumailah oilfields mainly intact-UK Remind me again how this war is not about the oil.

3/21/03 Baghdad feels power's wrath

3/21/03 Thai hotel bans U.S. tourists in Iraq war protest America, the hated.

3/21/03 Justice Department has identified 3,000 cases possibly affected by FBI lab problems "Problems" is a polite way of saying the FBI was caught rigging lab tests.

3/21/03 BBC presses Peres on Israeli weapons program - Former prime minister grilled in British documentary over nuclear bombs

3/21/03 Worldwide protests denounce war in Iraq

3/21/03 Some 40,000 protest as France denounces Iraq war

3/21/03 Anti-war protests sweep globe

3/21/03 More anti-war protests expected

3/21/03 Aussie anti-war protests intensify

3/21/03 Anti-War Protest in Egypt Turns Violent

3/21/03 E-Mail Worm Pretends to Have Spy Satellite Images A new e-mail worm has surfaced that purports to show screensavers of U.S. spy satellite pictures of Iraq or animations that are either patriotic or that mock President Bush

3/21/03 U.S. intelligence officials tell us the evidence that Iraqi artillery units are preparing to use chemical warfare shells is based on reconnaissance photographs of the shells. The rounds were identified as chemical weapons-capable shells with slots where a vial of nerve agent or biological-weapons dust is inserted before firing. No evidence of the actual chemical or biological agents has been spotted so far. Oh yeah, I believe there is an open slot in the shells that can be seen in a recon photo. Yes indeedy!

3/21/03 U.S. says no decision yet on emergency aid to Israel Waiting until the body is cold, I guess.


3/21/03 Pentagon Adviser Perle Is Also Advising Global Crossing

3/21/03 Iraq halts US forces, heavy gunfight on


3/21/03 Federal deficit soars, heading for yearly record Guess who Bush expects to pay the bill!

3/21/03 Intense sand, dust storms due in Iraq next week - 50-mph wind gusts could limit troops Okay, tell us again how whatever god you pray to is on the side of the US? Now we know why the US cranked up the bombers today. They are trying to beat the weather. If Iraq is not conquered before the storms hit, the US will lose the initiative.

3/21/03 BBC apologizes for airing Bush footage showing him as less than serious before declaring war.

3/21/03 CALL FOR NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE WAR See any terrorists running around? See any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction exploding over your heads or in Iraq? No? It was all a LIE to justify conquest of a foreign nation whose only "crime" is sitting over oil. STAND UP AND DEMAND THE WAR STOP.

3/21/03 Battle for Iraq Not the Pushover It Appears The same as Afghanistan. The US promised a quick victory, and more than a year later the battles rage on.

3/21/03 Silicon Valley staff help paralyze SF with swarm tech

3/21/03 An Empty Pledge to Civilians? To study civilian casualties would be to admit responsibility, according to this former deputy secretary of defense.

3/21/03 Thousands of protesters block roads around the country

I note with amusement that the video of one oil fire is getting a lot of play on all the mainstream media. I thought this war wasn't supposed to be about the oil, yet the media are treating this one video of an oil fire as a major development. A development that seems to get far less attention is that even as Iraqi forces surrender at Umm Qasr, there is as yet not a single use of the dreaded Iraqi nukes, Iraqi chemical weapons, and Iraqi germs that we were told WERE the reason for this war and that the US knew Iraq had even though the UN inspectors could not find any. And, I might add, so far there is no sign of the equally well-promoted legions of Iraqi terrorists that were supposed to be here in the US armed with the aforesaid dreaded Iraqi nukes, Iraqi chemical weapons, and Iraqi germs that we were told WERE the reason for this war and that the US knew Iraq had even though the UN inspectors could not find any.

The US' easy victory in Iraq is openly advertising to the world that Iraq was never really a threat, that Iraq had in fact disarmed, and that the US has simply invaded and conquered an oil nation for profit.

3/21/03 Richard Perle: Thank God for the death of the UN Arrogance on display. Now ask yourself what is the nation that has the most to gain from the destruction of the UN, the nation that has defied more UN Resolutions than any other.

3/21/03 Sharon hails Iraq war THEN WHY ISN'T ISRAEL ON THE LIST OF THE 'COALITION OF THE WILLING, ARIEL? (Especially since you already have commandoes inside Iraq)

3/21/03 Pentagon hawk linked to UK intelligence company Richard Perle is director of firm selling terror alert software

3/21/03 U.S. Shipments of Pathogens to Iraq A reminder of just who the real source of biological weapons is.

3/21/03 Anti-war hackers target websites The headline may lay this squarely on anti-war hackers, yet note that within the actual article, it mentions "anti-Iraq" statements being added to web sites by the hackers.


3/21/03 UN-Loved, UN-Needed, UN-Mourned?

3/21/03 BUSH: I FEEL GOOD Later, just seconds before he went on TV to tell the world war had started, he vigorously pumped his fist and declared: "I feel good." The extraordinary gesture was in stark contrast to the furrowed brow and look of concern he adopted for the subsequent broadcast.

3/21/03 Arutz Sheva attacks the New York Times for not being pro-Israel enough, part 1

3/21/03 Arutz Sheva attacks the New York Times for not being pro-Israel enough, part 2

3/21/03 LAW OF THE FIST Spanish police in riot gear fired rubber bullets at anti-war demonstrators, including well-known actors and celebrities, who gathered in central Madrid to protest at Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support for the US.

3/21/03 The "Bush & God" Scam: Don't Buy It If God is on Bush's side, who sent that sandstorm?

3/21/03 UNTOLD: JENIN Facts by Prof. Tanya Reinhart


3/21/03 I SHED A TEAR FOR RACHEL.............

3/21/03 ''Pentagon press briefing: farce, charade and deception''


3/21/03 Coleen Rowley seeks, receives reassignment from FBI

3/21/03 Thousands clog the streets in downtown Minneapolis

3/21/03 High School Students walk out of class in protest It's they who will be handed the rifles when the draft legislation passes.

3/21/03 Russia's Putin turns on U.S. I think it is more accurate to say that the US has turned on the rest of the world.

3/21/03 FBI to Detain Saddam Sympathizers in U.S. "Oh no, there can't be anyone who opposes war and killing on moral grounds; they MUST be 'Saddam sympathizers'!"

3/21/03 What can Eritrea possibly do to help the US in Iraq? In times of strife, it is good to know who your friends are. So, in the absence of support from traditional allies such as France and Germany, it will come as welcome news to our troops in the Gulf this week that when the going gets tough, Azerbaijan is right behind them. (Note again that Israel is conspicuously absent from the list, even though they already have commandoes inside Iraq)

3/21/03 It's bad when Alameda says no to war

3/21/03 Iraqi ambassador claims 3 helicopters shot down US: Our helicopters do NOT get shot down! They crash. Mechanical problems. Pilot error. Weather. But they are NOT being shot down! Everyone KNOWS the Iraqis can't fight a war, they're pussies! They... what? Oh, yeah, right, Forgot that. Everyone knows Iraq is a deadly danger to the US and they have weapons of mass destruction and kill puppy dogs and steal incubators and tear the tags off of their seat cushions and fart in elevators and that's why we are fighting this holy crusade. But, I repeat, our helicopters do NOT get shot down!

3/21/03 Murder in cold blood. And right after this, the US sent Israel another check!

3/21/03 Bush Scores Victory in House for $726 Billion Tax Cut Read it carefully, the $726B is spread out over the next decade, so it's effectively $73B a year, or a mere %3, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know who will get that tax break.

3/21/03 Three demonstrators and a policeman have been killed as tens of thousands of angry demonstrators clashed with anti-riot police in the Yemeni capital Sanaa in a protest against the US-led war on Iraq. Here we have it, governments killing their OWN people in order to perpetuate foreign wars.

3/21/03 150 Injured In Egyptian Anti-War Protest

3/21/03 U.S. to seize Iraqi assets Now we see real motives.

3/21/03 Moscow Believes It "Vitally Important" to Stop the War in Iraq as soon as possible The only question is, who has the courage?

3/21/03 Bush rewriting war rules step by step Okay to target leadership, no targets "off limits"...

3/21/03 Let the Crack Down Begin - or why Scalia is both wrong and dangerous Contrary to the man in the funny robes, "Rights" are not something the government can ever rescind. That's why they are called "rights" and not "indulgences" or "privileges". When the government "scales back" rights, it is acting contrary to the Constitution, which means the government ceases to be the legal government of the land.

3/21/03 U.S. Arrests Hundreds Of Its Anti-War Protesting Citizens Oooh, THAT'S going to look real good in the history books!

3/21/03 Worldwide, Civil Disobedience

3/21/03 Nations refusing US demand to expel Iraqi diplomats

3/21/03 Stearns suggests censoring war news Can't let the people who pay for it all see what a charlie foxtrot the war is.

3/21/03 Cartoon mocking Olympia activist's death draws protest Rachel's hometown paper takes issue with Dan Friedman's cartoon.

3/21/03 Like sand in the gears Fast-moving demonstrators shut down S.F., frustrate cops

3/21/03 Racing into Iraq -- Rage in S.F. streets PROTESTS: 1,400 arrested in 16 hours Folks, a misdemeanor arrest for protesting the war may be a badge of honor, but let's not get into felony stuff here. That works AGAINST the peace movement.

3/21/03 Cruel War? No, This Is to Help You "We (whack) are (whack) (whack) only (whack) trying (whack) to (whack) liberate (whack) you (whack) from (whack) that (whack) brutal (whack) tyrant! (whack) Now (whack) shut (whack) the (whack) heck (whack) up (whack) and (whack) show (whack) us (whack) where (whack) the (whack) oil (whack) wells (whack) are!"

3/21/03 "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." --Former CIA Director William Colby

3/21/03 Anti-War Voices Get Louder

3/21/03 Pre-emptive Aggression When people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. After my experience, I have come to hate war. War settles nothing. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

3/21/03 Mr. Bush's War Welcome to the American Empire. Don't be surprised that your rights and privileges have changed all of a sudden. We used to be a constitutional democracy. That's pretty much done now. You're a citizen of an empire today, one that attacks sovereign nations without cause, with the backing of such international heavyweights as Spain and Eritrea. You're not a citizen. You're a customer. Take a number and get in line.

3/21/03 Russia Wants UN Troops to End Fighting in Iraq Now we know why Perle is trying to dance on the UN's grave.

3/21/03 Marine would serve time rather than serve bush

3/21/03 B-52s en Route to Iraq for Nighttime Strikes Looks like they have a plan to make Baghdad another Dresden !

3/21/03 Powerful American bombers leave England So much for now making war on the Iraqi people, looks like the carpet bombing is about to begin.

Reports are that the US has stepped up the obmbing to try to beat a huge sandstorm with winds of 50 MPH predicted for next week. MOre indications that the gods are NOT on the side of the US! :)

3/21/03 Russian Foreign Ministry: US Action in Iraq May Harm Anti-Terrorism Coalition

3/21/03 North Korea warns US of nuclear war.

3/21/03 Third veteran US diplomat quits over Iraq war

3/21/03 MILITARY: MAJOR AIR CAMPAIGN COMING IN IRAQ "Kill them all, let God sort them out!"

3/21/03 Iraqi State Radio Replaced with U.S. Psyop Broadcast

3/21/03 Solectron Cuts 12,000 Jobs

3/21/03 Satellite Phones in Iraq Could Become Beacons for Bombs Especially if you are an independent reporter.

3/21/03 Bush's Groom and Gloom "The White House is vowing a strong retaliatory response after the BBC aired live video of President Bush getting his hair coiffed in the Oval Office as he squirmed in his chair and practiced on the teleprompter minutes before Wednesday night's speech announcing the launch of military operations against Saddam Hussein."

3/21/03 Bush getting his hair combed. 2 megs

3/21/03 Bush joking and trying to get that serious look on his face. 11 megs

3/21/03 Protesters kick off second wave of anti-war demonstrations


3/21/03 Antiwar protests erupt across the globe

3/21/03 War is the climax of U.S.-Israeli partnership


POLICE TRYING TO SUPPRESS ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT. Latest report is that 500 people were arrested in San Francisco today, overflowing the city jails and requiring transfers to the country jails. There are reader letters reporting incidents of police brutality in New York, and tear gassings in New Mexico.

3/20/03 Boycott Clear Channel Communications

3/20/03 Albany protestors arrested.

3/20/03 Judge Issues Ban on Tax Rebel's Book Got something to hide?

3/20/03 US Anti-War Protests Flare, More Than 1,000 Arrests

3/20/03 Oh yeah, Saddam's terrorists are going to drop Ricin on the nations that OPPOSE the US war.

3/20/03 Anti-war protest underway in Honolulu As usual, the media under-reported the total number of people who showed up. Compare the "two dozen" reported with the photos that follow.


3/20/03 US Commandos get green light to kill Saddam

3/20/03 Chapel Hill Protest a Cacophony for Peace

3/20/03 Police attack, arrest Asheville peace marchers

3/20/03 IDF shoots and wounds American. Man was shot while watching Palestinians throw rocks at IDF tank.

3/20/03 Clear Channel bans Dixie Chicks from all their radio stations. Fair is fair, let's boycott the CC stations and their advertisers.

3/20/03 Backlash Begins America may be the most hated nation on Earth now.

3/20/03 The Tale of Two Tyrants

3/20/03 Protesters paralyze Portland

3/20/03 Operation Inflate the Coalition Some of the nations the US says are on the list aren't (and one that should be there is conspicuously missing).

3/20/03 A reckless path

3/20/03 Protesters shut Chicago downtown streets


3/20/03 US says 'coalition of willing' grows Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan. Possible additions: Kuwait, Cyprus, Iceland, Bahrain, Qatar. Source: US State Department (Note the one nation which should be on the list, the nation that already has commandoes in Western Iraq, and soldiers in Jordan, and isn't on the list.)



3/20/03 Thousands bring cities to standstill as conflict starts

3/20/03 Conspiracy theories running rampant "At one point, Hogrefe slipped in a rather shocking item: "The Mossad asked the German intelligence authorities to make sure Germany doesn't protest if Israel starts expelling Palestinians from the territories when the war in Iraq begins." Hogrefe said his information was based on a most credible security source. "

3/20/03 Opposing protests stake out ground outside Statehouse Only two showed up for the pro-war demo, but they had artillery!

3/20/03 Demonstrations for Peace Increase Across Country and World Spurred by Bush's Unprovoked Attack on Iraq, Peace Movement Gains Momentum

3/20/03 A History of War By MARK TWAIN

3/20/03 Mark Twain: The War Prayer

3/20/03 Israel warns Web sites on war coverage Look who is taking the lead on censorship.

3/20/03 Anti-War Protests Sweep Globe

3/20/03 War - The Final Solution

3/20/03 Media Giant Clear Channel PAYING for pro-war rallies! Or hadn't you wondered why all the signs at those pro-war rallies looked so much alike?

Just think what it means when the largest owner of radio stations in the nation has an agenda.

3/20/03 George W. Is High on Killing We are talking now about a guy who as a kid put firecrackers in frogs and threw them into the air to watch them explode. He cracked himself up in an interview with Talk magazine by mocking a woman on death row whose cries for mercy he scorned, screwing up his face and saying, "Please don't kill me!" in an impersonation of the deceased.

3/20/03 Bush's gang of mad beekeepers

3/20/03 Spanish Journalists set up web cam in Baghdad! Service is intermittent, obviously.


3/20/03 US investors pop champagne corks too early, analysts warn

3/20/03 Take a hyperlink cruise into heat of battle

3/20/03 Ex-PayPal exec joins Homeland Security team

3/20/03 Students walk out in antiwar protests

3/20/03 1,000 gather on Lake St.-Marshall Av. bridge to protest war

3/20/03 America's Image Further Erodes, Europeans Want Weaker Ties

3/20/03 Civilians Wounded in US Air Strikes on Baghdad-Iraq

3/20/03 Propaganda Alert Level Raised to "RED" Get out the hip-waders; the nightly news is on!

3/20/03 Continental to ax 1,200 jobs

3/20/03 Foreign press reports that EU bugging most likely done by Israel.

3/20/03 Anti-war protest in Sydney streets 10,000 at least!

3/20/03 Photos: The Anti-War Protest. Washington, D.C. March 15, 2003

3/20/03 Occupation forces open fire on foreign peace activists The bulldozer broke down?


3/20/03 Thousands take to the streets

3/20/03 Uncle Sam's lucky finds The US Government's incredible streak of luck at "finding" evidence continues unabated.

3/20/03 Hundreds of thousands protest

3/20/03 Security Council members blast U.S. for strikes on Baghdad If the UN does not back up their words with actions, then they are politically DOA

3/20/03 Iraq War Protester Dies in Golden Gate Bridge Fall

3/20/03 Could U.S. be at war for years? The issue was raised in Israel well before the assault began, prompted by remarks earlier this week by former prime minister Shimon Peres. "The war in Iraq is just the beginning," Peres told Israel Channel One Television. "Problems of the first magnitude can be expected thereafter, as well: Iran, North Korea, and Libya. (Join the US Army. Die for Israel.)

3/20/03 Whose War? Worth a re-read in light of the above

3/20/03 100 arrested in Philly anti-war demonstration

3/20/03 Shame on Us!

3/20/03 Bomb-Detection Dog Firm Indicted for Fraud The owner of a bomb detection dog business used at the State Department, the Federal Reserve and other government buildings was indicted on Friday for fraud and false claims about his dogs, which failed tests to sniff out explosives. ( Ooooh, I feel so much SAFER now!!!!! )


3/20/03 Turkish President casts doubt on over flights vote

3/20/03 HOW bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Saddam Hussein?

3/20/03 Anti-War Protests Sweep Globe Following Launch of Strikes in Iraq

3/20/03 From 1998: CBS News caught faking news reports from Iraq


3/20/03 Unhappy campers

3/20/03 Citibank shifts Bahrain assets Or are Arab investors getting ready to make a move?

3/20/03 Blasts, Anti-Aircraft Fire Rock Baghdad

3/20/03 U.S. demands closure of all Iraq embassies and withdrawal of diplomatic recognition "You wanna buy the oil, you come talk to US now!"

3/20/03 Melbourne Condemns Oil War Photos of huge protest

3/20/03 Students walk out in antiwar protests

3/20/03 US hunting dictator's hidden billions Under what authority? Where is it written that the US can just grab Saddam's cash?

3/20/03 Anger and dismay in South Asia

3/20/03 War draws condemnation

3/20/03 America's $400bn war bill

3/20/03 The Unseen Gulf War

3/20/03 Thousands protest as conflict begins

3/20/03 At U.N., no imminent threat seen

3/20/03 Corrie human shield cartoon prompts protest Note that newspaper refuses to apologize for the cartoon. Time to boycott the paper and any advertisers it may do business with.

3/20/03 Islamic gold dinar will minimize dependency on US dollar Without foreign dependency on the US dollar as a standard, the US will not be able to "float" the trade deficit, and the dollar will collapse.

3/20/03 Israel Says It Wants to Stay Out of Iraq War "Why should we? We got the Americans to fight the war FOR us!"


3/20/03 Columbia data recorder found, could hold valuable clues

3/20/03 Madonnas New Video Depicts Crying Iraqi Women

3/20/03 The Tale of Two Tyrants

3/20/03 Cartoon incites all-night protest

3/20/03 US to disrupt GPS, satellite comms in Gulf? My GPS seems a lot less accurate this morning.

3/20/03 What has happened to our country?

Dear President Bush. Thank you for liberating me from my eyes!

3/20/03 First photos of civilian casualties in Iraq

3/20/03 15,000 pour from offices and shops to protest war

3/20/03 War racist, illegal: protesters

3/20/03 Thousands Protest War at U.S. Embassies

3/20/03 It's the money!

3/20/03 THE PERFECT STORM - Part I

3/20/03 Protesters gather in Modesto

3/20/03 Anti-war protests, marches planned nationwide

3/20/03 Britain accused on terror lab claim Story of find in Afghan cave 'was made up' to justify sending marines

3/20/03 Some dare call it treason War with Iraq opens door for accusations that continuing protests are anti-American and un-patriotic

3/20/03 US warns Belgium over 'genocide law'

3/20/03 Russia's Putin turns on U.S. over war in Iraq

3/20/03 Belarus Criticizes U.S. Attack on Iraq

3/20/03 Patriotic Posters Sort of.

3/20/03 Afghanistan documentary exposes Bush's promises Remember all those good things the US was going to do in Afghanistan?


3/20/03 Iraq denies launching Scud missiles to Kuwait, says U.S. raid killed one civilian

3/20/03 Arab Protesters Demand Expulsion of U.S. Envoys

3/20/03 The Game

3/20/03 Thousands in Germany Protest Iraq Attack

3/20/03 China Demands Halt to Attack on Iraq

3/20/03 Council of Europe condemns Iraq attack

3/20/03 Senate Remarks by Robert C. Byrd For which there was a great deal of applause

3/20/03 Start by ousting Bush-Cheney regime

3/20/03 Fox TV Reports Oil Wells Burning Outside of Basra Given that this war is not supposed to be about the oil, why does this rate news coverage?

3/20/03 Jews United Against Zionism Ariel Sharon and Israel do NOT represent the world's Jewish people. They only use them as "human shields" to hide their war crimes behind.

3/20/03 Bush Administration to Propose System for Monitoring Internet "The Bush administration is planning to propose requiring Internet service providers to help build a centralized system to enable broad monitoring of the Internet and, potentially, surveillance of its users." If Bush doesn't already know what I think of him and his war, a monitoring system isn't going to help.

3/20/03 Putin calls on US to stop

3/20/03 Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel's actions.

3/20/03 China: Stop the war 'immediately'

3/20/03 Italian activists, unions launch anti-war protests

3/20/03 War draws condemnation

3/20/03 Protesters 'shed tears' at U.S. Embassy in Tokyo

3/20/03 VAIW Announces Demonstrations in Washington & San Francisco

3/20/03 US offers Israel billions in aid The US has offered $10bn (£6.4bn) to Israel, to bail it out of the worst economic crisis in its history. But for US cities facing the worst economic crisis in their history, nothing. Maybe they should run over an American with a bulldozer. Twice.

3/20/03 More than 100,000 people participate in Greek anti-war protests, tens of thousands in Italy

3/20/03 Even in Quick War, Economy Still Troubled Stocks head DOWN not UP.

3/20/03 It's On: Where and How to Protest in New York

3/20/03 Hundreds protest in Adelaide ATTENTION PROTESTORS. You need to focus on the media buildings. Let THEM see you in numbers too large to ignore. Make them see that the poll numbers they cite are a lie.

3/20/03 CIA Had Fix on Hussein No they didn't, and blew up a residential neighborhood in the process. You paid for it. Doncha feel proud?

3/20/03 Malaysia says war on Iraq illegal'

3/20/03 Former UN head calls Iraq war 'illegal'

3/20/03 Anti-war protests throughout Belgium

3/20/03 Iraq denies oil wells on fire Iraqi Oil Minister Amir Muhammed Rasheed has denied reports that oil wells near the southern Iraqi city of Basra are on fire. Kuwait television earlier on Thursday reported that several oil wells near Basra had been set alight by Iraqi troops, while Iranian media have reported U.S. jets bombing these oilfields.


3/20/03 Red Cross confirms civilians hit during US attacks.

3/20/03 Attack on Iraq illegal, says NAM

3/20/03 France, Russia and Germany: Attack illegal

3/20/03 Attack illegal, experts say

3/20/03 No targets off-limits, say allies "Man, look at how that orphanage flew apart!"

3/20/03 Top White House anti-terror boss resigns Ignore the spin. Beers resigned because he had to plead guilty to perjury.

3/20/03 RAND BEERS ADMITS PERJURY Anti-Terror boss "fibbed".

3/20/03 US steps up Afghanistan campaign Remember when Bush promised Afghanistan would be a quick war.


  As the US forces pound Iraq, meeting little of any resistance, the question quickly begins to form in the minds of observers as to just where is this horrible Iraqi threat we were all supposed to be so terrified of; the reason the US engaged in "pre-emptive war"? We have all been assured for the last several months that attack by Iraq was just moments away. Well, if there was ever a time that Iraq was going to do something, anything, it was the last 12 hours. The US has tried to kill Saddam (they missed by a mile) so it's not like Saddam has any reasons to NOT use everything he has.

It has become obvious as the US military blasts everything in sight, meeting little resistance, that Iraq has been just as disarmed as the UN inspectors reported it was. Made helpless by the UN, Iraq is being ravaged by the US war machine on their way to the oil wells. The "imminent threat" from Iraq does not exist, and indeed it never did. The comforting illusion that the US was "defending itself" in some abstract manner from some invisible threat is gone. This is simply invasion, conquest, and pillage, a mugging on a national scale, burglary and theft writ large, the taking by force of that which belongs to other people.

  And above it all sits the war party, rubbing their hands in glee in anticipation at their newly acquired wealth, and chuckling at how easily they fooled those who think this war was ever about weapons of mass destruction or regime change.

One more point. When dealing with a nation that has weapons of mass destruction, you never target the leader at the top, because if you kill him, control of the WMDs then passes to dozens of subordinates, making negotiations for surrender impossible, because one does not know who has the keys to the weapons. In deliberately targeting Saddam, the US just admitted it has known all along there were no weapons of mass destruction to worry about.


The following email was received this morning at What Really Happened.

To whom it may concern,

I am a member of a current events discussion forum, Godlike Productions. 

This morning, we have been the victims of a massive DOS attack by someone who has posted your URL in all of the dozens of posts to our site.

They have IDd themselves as YAFF, Young Americans for Freedom, and continue to threaten us with 1000s of additional posts if we remove any of your links.

Please put a stop to this or we will be forced to notify your ISP and the FBI as this behavior falls squarely under the cyber-terrorism portion of the Patriot Act.

Thanks you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

Needless to say, What Really Happened does not do mass emailing nor do I need to post to other message boards since I have one here. This "YAFF" are clearly trying to cause trouble, and it should be easy to figure out who stands to benefit from a stunt like this.


3/20/03 UN prepares for huge Iraqi casualties US does what it wants and lets the rest of the world clean up the mess.

3/20/03 The Two Fools



3/20/03 Zionism Has Triumphed "By way of deception, thou shalt do war..."

3/20/03 U.S. Reaps New Data On Weapons The UN has pulled out Blix and UNMOVIC, so the US sends in the UNSCOM people, the same people caught red-handed PLANTING evidence inside Iraq before.

3/20/03 UN to have no political power in postwar Iraq UN to have no political power in postwar WORLD. The US has destroyed the UN.

3/20/03 French anti-war groups call for mass protest


Where will the staged terror attack happen?

  Bush has a small problem. Now that he has gone ahead and invaded Iraq, the conventional wisdom bolstered by months of propaganda is that Iraqi agents will unleash terror attacks in the US using weapons of mass destruction. 

  But if there are no such attacks, then the world will know that Saddam did not have those WMDs and was never a threat to the US.

  So, Bush NEEDS a "terror" attack to "prove" the US claims used to justify the war. He has to have one. He cannot politically survive without one. 

  The only question is, where will it be staged.

3/19/03 Caricature stirs controversy

3/19/03 Top White House anti-terror boss resigns

3/19/03 Police, Protesters Square Off In Westwood

3/19/03 US Congress warns of millions of casualties if chemical plants attacked

3/19/03 Bush gives order to attack Iraq The US is attacking a nation that has done absolutely nothing to the US.

3/19/03 Take a deep breath and click this link. Broadband only.

3/19/03 War now no better 'than terrorism'

3/19/03 Iran, Russia ink MoU to broaden ties

3/19/03 U.S. to give Israel $9B in loan guarantees, $1B in military aid How much would the US have paid Israel if they only ran that bulldozer over Rachel Corrie only one time!

3/19/03 Europe poll sees US falling from favour Bush has turned our nation into the villains of the twenty first century.

3/19/03 Urgent Appeal To Americans, from Ian Kleinfeld

3/19/03 Heads fail to stop pupil protests

3/19/03 Sen. Robert Byrd: 'Today I Weep for My Country'

3/19/03 DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE All right, let me see if I understand the logic of this correctly. We are going to ignore the United Nations in order to make clear to Saddam Hussein that the United Nations cannot be ignored. We're going to wage war to preserve the UN's ability to avert war. The paramount principle is that the UN's word must be taken seriously, and if we have to subvert its word to guarantee that it is, then by gum, we will. Peace is too important not to take up arms to defend. Am I getting this right?

3/19/03 Oliver North lets fly on TV Gloating celebration of US military might are the trademarks of Rupert Murdoch's news channel, but Col North has taken the trend to new extremes.

3/19/03 Iraq Body Counts

3/19/03 Support The Troops, Oppose The War I find it amazing that anyone could think that supporting the troops means sending them to be crippled and killed.

3/19/03 Pictures of Tehran Lots of women in blue jeans, though they do wear scarves. It's not exactly the third world pit the media tries to portray in the quest to sell us the next phase of the war.

3/19/03 Rachel's last mail

3/19/03 UN tries to halt staff protest against attack "Kofi Annan's office has barred UN staff from open opposition to the war in Iraq. " Face it, Kofi, you had an historic chance to stand up and stop WW3 and you blew it. Barring your staffers from opposing the war won't change the verdict of history.

3/19/03 Protests in DC Two dozen arrested in front of the White House

3/19/03 Four eyewitnesses describe the murder of Rachel Corrie\


3/19/03 Religious Zeal Makes 'Short War' in Iraq Doubtful

3/19/03 39 Arrested At Ohio University War Protest Police trying to crush anti-war movement.

3/19/03 Iraq war could send German cars in wrong direction Intentional downgrading of GPS may cause accidents

3/19/03 Arrests in Anti-War Protests Across the U.S.

3/19/03 Troops 'may not come home' A British commander last night warned his men that not all of them would come home alive. He instructed his soldiers to wrap their fallen comrades in a sleeping bag, fight on and grieve for them after the heat of the battle.

3/19/03 Poll finds people much less willing than their governments


3/19/03 Saddam to hit own people in chemical atrocities The really scary part is that someone in the US Government actually thinks anyone will believe this crap!

3/19/03 Missing Bill of Rights copy recovered Now that you found it, READ THE THING!!!!

3/19/03 Gulf war veterans return medals in protest

3/19/03 Arrests in Anti-War Protests Across the U.S.

3/19/03 Dust Storms of Depleted Uranium

3/19/03 Genghis W. Khan, Junior

3/19/03 Scramble to Carve Up Iraqi Oil Reserves Lies Behind US Diplomacy

3/19/03 On the eve of an ugly regime's ugly war

3/19/03 TV documentary: US lied about Gulf War missile hits

3/19/03 UN Resolution 242 The UN Resolution Robin Cook demanded be enforced.

3/19/03 U.S. gives war orders to media

3/19/03 The Roots of Conspiracy Denial Many historical conspiracies (starting with the murder of Julius Caesar) are widely accepted facts. When it comes to current or ongoing conspiracies, however, we are much more likely to find that the predominant view is set by the conspiracy naysayers. These are social commentators of various ilk, ranging from network news anchors to public relations spin doctors to bar stool jockeys. Daniel Pipes' 1997 book "Conspiracy: how the paranoid style flourishes and where it comes from" is a prime example of the naysayer's art, and yet (as we shall see) Pipes is also very good at promoting "conspiracy theories" when it suits his purposes.

3/19/03 Chronwatch. It's all American's fault for not minding their own business after they send us money.


3/19/03 Here is the full text of Robin Cook's resignation speech in the House of Commons, which won applause from some backbenchers in unprecedented Commons scenes. CNN stopped coverage when Cook started talking about Israel.

3/19/03 Saddam's troops fire the first shots of the conflict Not counting several months of bombings by the US, of course.

3/19/03 Possible Use Of ICBMs Against Iraq Eight Reasons This Could Be The Pentagon's Secret Plan Oh yeah, they're going to launch the single most expensive weapon system at Iraq, but take out those warheads and replace them with "conventional explosives". The fact is that even if there was a CE replacement for the W-88 warhead, it would be very small. The entire W-88 warhead is 800 pounds. Minus the re-entry shield and detonator, the total deliverable explosive would be the equivalent of one Mk-82 iron bomb. So this story that the US will use ICBMs but without the nuclear warheads is bogus.

3/19/03 Attempts To Silence Continue

3/19/03 Streets quiet as Baghdad girds for war Say, didn't the warhawks tell us how oppressed the Iraqi women were supposed to be? UPDATE: the picture in the linked article was changed soon after I linked it here. The original photo appears immediately above.

3/19/03 Commando force poised to track and kill Saddam

3/19/03 CLEVELAND - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia banned broadcast media from an appearance Wednesday where he will receive an award for supporting free speech.

3/19/03 Americans warned of casualties

3/19/03 UN has never approved overthrow of Iraq -Russia

3/19/03 UN resolution to eject the United States from the United Nations Suggested

3/19/03 U.S.'S Image Fast Eroding With War Plans We're the bad guys, this time around.

3/19/03 YOUR NAME WILL GO DOWN IN INFAMY And he will take America's good name down with him.

3/19/03 UN has never approved overthrow of Iraq -Russia

3/19/03 Cops, Kids and 'Real Democracy' at D.C. Protest

3/19/03 Anti-war protest in Liverpool

3/19/03 Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People? ... and does the name "Waco" ring a bell?


The Media considered this person a hero for trying to stop a massacre.

But the media considers this person a fool for trying to stop a massacre.

Found at

What kind of human being thinks intentionally running over a peace activist with a bulldozer is funny?

What kind of human beings think its funny to disrupt the memorial service with tear gas and stun bullets?

3/19/03 Israeli forces break up memorial service for Rachel Corrie with tear gas and stun grenades!



3/19/03 Rachel's Family Holds Vigil In Front Of Israeli Embassy I hope Bush doesn't trip over them on his way to deliver the next check.

3/19/03 "The sounds of silence"

3/19/03 This war is brought to you by ... They've won. They got their war against Afghanistan (planned before September 11). They're getting their war against Iraq (planned slightly after September 11). After Iraq, they plan to get their wars against Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

3/19/03 Warplanes using Turkish base forbidden to bomb Iraq: source

3/19/03 Former UN head says Iraq war would be 'illegal' It is illegal. It's just a question of who is going to have to arrest and jail the criminals.

3/19/03 Protests to Start When War Does Once this war is underway there are no more neutrals. If you are not out actively opposing this war, then the blood is on your hands, and you will be judged by history to be just as guilty as those Germans who stood silently by while Hitler invaded Poland.

3/19/03 Pentagon plans to create its own espionage network

3/19/03 Rep. Stark blasts Bush on Iraq war Fremont Democrat says plan to bomb Baghdad is 'act of extreme terrorism'

3/19/03 Waging War: Bush's impossible dream President George W. Bush is dreaming the impossible dream. In his effort to ensure lasting American global leadership in the 21st century, he has so far only succeeded in isolating his own country from its traditional allies and supporters around the world.

3/19/03 Wiretapping Found at French, German, UK EU Offices

3/19/03 Tareq Aziz assassinated?

3/19/03 U.S. Denies as 'Not True' Rumors on Iraq's Aziz

3/19/03 Groups protest war outside federal building; arrests made


3/19/03 The Predictions And Strange Death Of 'Dr Flu'

3/19/03 String of strange deaths of microbiologists in 2001

3/19/03 TV ready to cover Iraq war full time Except for the war crimes, we go to commercial break for those.

3/19/03 Sweden's Princess Victoria Shows Off Combat Skills And where are the children of those American leaders who insist on this war? Where are the Bush daughters? Where are the Perle and Wolfowitz and Cheney children?

3/19/03 US and Japan to protect markets i.e. both are on the verge of collapse and will now allow government intervention to protect the corporations from their investors.

3/19/03 Activists block PM's residence

3/19/03 Protesters in 'die-in' outside Straw's house

3/19/03 Hundreds Turn Out For Anti-War Protest In Union Square

3/19/03 Weapons of Mass Destruction Not in Iraq, but Anniston, Ala. The cache of chemical weapons includes 873,020 pounds of sarin, 1,657,480 pounds of VX nerve agent and 1,976,760 pounds of mustard agent - enough to kill or incapacitate millions.

3/19/03 Official: U.S. optimistic Israel stays out of Iraq war This is a flat-out lie. Israeli Special Forces have been inside Iraq for months, and just yesterday, the story broke that Israeli forces are part of a so-called secret front inside Jordan.

3/17/03 Israeli special forces join 'secret front' in Jordan Together with the IDF Special Forces previously admitted to being in Iraq, Israel is clearly part of this war, public protestations notwithstanding.

3/19/03 Anti-war marchers take London streets again

3/19/03 Anti-war protests underway

3/19/03 Did your MP support the rebels? List of who voted against the war, and who should be returned to office next election.

3/19/03 Protesters bring anti-war mission to Hastert's office

3/19/03 US Senate takes steps towards war in Iran.

3/19/03 Charles Schwab pulls out of UK securities market

3/19/03 Tech sector shed 236,000 jobs in 02 Two-year employment decline shows few signs of easing

3/19/03 Athens, Ohio Police Prepared To Deal With Anti-War Protest Translation: Arrest everyone who does not agree with the Great Dictator

3/19/03 I am war

3/19/03 Fed admits its ignorance in the face of global uncertainty Anxious corporate executives wracked by economic uncertainty on the eve of a war with Iraq might derive some wry comfort from the fact that the Federal Reserve does not know what is going on either.

3/19/03 Still missing: how many Iraqis died in 1991 Gulf war?

3/19/03 Russia warns US anti-terror coalition could be hit

3/19/03 Arabic media anger One cannot have another nation invade you for no reason at all and remain entirely cheerful

3/19/03 Double standards, Bush style On the eve of US President George W. Bush's unprovoked invasion of Iraq in what is likely to prove a turning point in world history, his double standards echo louder than his professed justifications.

3/19/03 Red Alert Blues It seems Tom Ridge didn't think it all the way through -- just like he didn't think through the bit about duct tape and plastic sheeting.

3/19/03 U.S. Planes Drop Bombs, Leaflets on Iraq

3/19/03 Truancy warning for protesting pupils Okay to send the kiddies off to be killed and crippled for oil, but if they dare speak out against it, they are in trouble.

3/19/03 Anti-war activists plan Saturday march down Broadway

3/19/03 Virus Behind Mystery Killer Pneumonia Identified

3/19/03 Oscars cut back on glitz The pre-show speeches on the red carpet will be eliminated, probably to reduce the chances for a spontaneous anti-war comment.

3/19/03 Justice Scalia addresses wartime constitutional rights The government has room to scale back individual rights during wartime without violating the Constitution, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Tuesday. "The Constitution just sets minimums," Scalia said after a speech at John Carroll University in suburban Cleveland. "Most of the rights that you enjoy go way beyond what the Constitution requires."

3/19/03 Public Opposition Rises Against Coalition

3/19/03 The president's real goal in Iraq This war is intended to mark the official emergence of the United States as a full-fledged global empire, seizing sole responsibility and authority as planetary policeman. It would be the culmination of a plan 10 years or more in the making, carried out by those who believe the United States must seize the opportunity for global domination, even if it means becoming the "American imperialists" that our enemies always claimed we were.

3/19/03 Downtown Detroit protest results in at least 17 arrests Trying to stamp out the peace movement as hard as they can


3/19/03 Dear American People

3/19/03 The Free Press

3/19/03 Back To The Holocaust In Germany

3/19/03 You Call That Evidence?

3/19/03 Now we're all ugly Americans Except for the ones holding the peace signs

3/19/03 Cryptography Versus Big Brother A new report from the European Parliament makes some stunning claims about the abuse of intelligence information gathered by the NSA and the CIA. According to the report , US intelligence organizations routinely eavesdrop on millions of international phone calls, faxes, email messages and other data transmissions.

3/19/03 Report: War in Iraq 'Unequivocally Illegal';

3/19/03 "Real men want to go to Tehran"

3/19/03 Early teams to seek hidden arms Translation: Early teams to plant hidden arms

3/19/03 "There is going to be a bloodbath"

3/19/03 France Snaps at British Jibes, Clarifies Help Offer Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin pronounced himself "shocked and saddened" at seeing France berated for threatening to veto any pro-war resolution at the United Nations and said such attacks were beneath a friend and European partner. His protest call to Foreign Secretary Jack Straw came as Paris had to clarify remarks by its ambassador in Washington that gave the false impression that France would join the fight in Iraq if Baghdad used chemical or biological weapons.

3/19/03 A Naked Bid to Redraw World Map

3/19/03 Letters From A Baghdad High School

3/19/03 Meet the Carlyle Group These are the people who will grow rich on the blood spilled in the sand.

3/19/03 Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President

3/19/03 Legitimacy for war depends on Saddams use of chemical weapons Count on a staged incident to be blamed on Saddam to justify the invasion.

3/19/03 Iraq Must Not Be Occupied, Says Fahd Saudi Arabia declared yesterday that it will not partake in a US-led war on Iraq under any circumstances and voiced strong opposition to any possible US military occupation of Iraq.

3/19/03 USA lied about Iraq's weapons

3/19/03 The nightmare world of a paranoid president

3/19/03 Canadian show last night exposed US claims about Iraq as fiction.

3/19/03 Sandstorm Envelops Forces as They Await Order to Advance

3/19/03 Military regime in place to run Iraq after Saddam So much for bringing Democracy to the people of Iraq

3/19/03 Contact info for all embassies around the world.

3/19/03 The pro-Israel lobby The media gets defensive over its bias.


3/19/03 FBI to Detain Saddam Sympathizers in U.S. Oh no, you're not anti-war or pro-peace, you MUST be a Saddam sympathizer! There just CAN'T be any other reason you would oppose this war!

3/19/03 Photo of Rachel Corrie in better times

3/19/03 Urgent Action: Stop the War on Iraq: The Uniting for Peace Resolution

3/19/03 Israel Shows No Mercy, Even for the Dead - IOF Teargas Activists Honoring Death of US Pacifist Buried Alive in Rafah It isn't the callous murder that is the scandal, committed as it was by just one person albeit with tacit official approval. The scandal is the total absence of any remorse at all by the Israeli government and their lackeys here in the US. Israel shows to Americans the same total insensitivity and disregard for life it shows the Palestinians. A bitter reward indeed, such disrespect after all the money Israel has taken from us.

3/19/03 Rachel Corrie: a victim of Israeli policy and US complicity

3/19/03 Blix Says Unlikely Iraq Will Use Chemical Weapons But someone pretending to be Iraq using such weapons is a guarantee

3/19/03 Tractor incident leaves many wondering how Washington would deal with worse attack

3/19/03 Flood of complaints as BBC postpones Israel WMD report


3/19/03 Former CBS anchor Cronkite voices disappointment in move to war

3/19/03 Guess who will be calling the shots at CNN

3/19/03 No targets off-limits, say allies

3/19/03 Military's spin corps promises honesty over civilian deaths And if you believe this I have a watch to sell you.

3/19/03 War Games Rigged?

Last September retired Marine General Paul Van Riper was selected to play the Opposing Forces (OPFOR, "Red") Commander named Saddam Hussein for a 3-week-long, computer simulated invasion of Iraq, called Operation Millennium Challenge.

He defeated the entire multi-billion-dollar US electronic warfare intelligence apparatus by sending messages via motorcycle-mounted couriers to organize the preemptive destruction of sixteen US ships, using pleasure vessels (The Joint Forces Command officials had to stop the exercise and refloat the fleet in order to continue). At that point, the exercise controllers repeatedly intervened and told him what to do; move these defenders off the beach. Stop giving out commands from mosque loudspeakers. Turn on your radar so our planes can see you. Because every time Van Riper was left to his own devices, he was defeating the US.

Van Riper became so frustrated during the game that he quit his position as Opposing Force commander halfway through.

3/19/03 U.S. Could Come Under Scrutiny of the U.N. Rights Commission

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