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E.B. Williams Library Cases and Digests

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1. Overview

2. Basics
3. Sources
4. Case-Finding
5. Key Numbers
6. Other Methods
7. Keywords
8. Updating

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Welcome to the Cases and Digests Tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to find judicial opinions, use digests and update cases. The structure of the tutorial is pretty simple. In the Overview, you'll see the big picture of caselaw and why it is important. Next, you'll take a quick look at a simple fact pattern we'll use to illustrate the techniques explained in the Lessons. Each lesson will focus on a specific research technique associated with caselaw research and the various options for performing the technique in print, Lexis, Westlaw, or on the web. Finally, you will connect to the accompanying problem which you'll complete online and in the Law Library.

Research Problems
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2001, Georgetown University Law Library

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