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Resume of Ken Ketchum, Paralegal


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Resume of Ken Ketchum, Paralegal
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Ken Ketchum, CLA                      718-798-2452/917-875-0737

Legal Website:                                        email:  

OBJECTIVE: A legal assistant position specializing in corporate, litigation, real property or immigration law.

SUMMARY: Experienced military, corporate and litigation legal support professional able to work in a fast-paced legal environment with strong organizational, information technology management, analytical and interpersonal skills. Detailed-oriented and resourceful in providing all phases of complex litigation and document production support.


Corporate Legal Assistant                                                                                                                        

Provide legal administrative and document production support for attorneys engaged in corporate document filings and litigation. Process corporate correspondence, financial reports, legal memoranda, prospectuses, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and SEC documents using the entire Microsoft Office and Corel suite of applications for corporate clients. Create, revise and convert Microsoft Word & Corel WordPerfect documents incorporating all advanced document production features. Correspond w/clients, counsel, & others on factual matters. Inform client periodically of case/matter status. Draft pleadings & documents. Organize & maintain forms & client files. Index or summarize documents or transcripts. Assemble & analyze records from courts or agencies relevant to a case or client. Prepare clients for court hearings. Assist in administering law library. Review legal periodicals & material relevant to a specialty area of law. Maintain current binders of court rules. Maintain calendar or tickler system. Research procedural, administrative and case law.


Legal Assistant                                                                                                                         

Research, revise and process complaints, bill of particulars, answers and other defensive pleadings in compliance with New York CPLR and FRP. Draft interrogatories, requests for admission, requests for production of documents and examination. Research, review and organize factual data in client files. Conduct or supervise fact investigation. Respond to interrogatories, requests for admission and production of documents. Review, index, gather and summarize documents produced by opposing & third parties. Produce discovery motions and documents. Research and produce legal memoranda and briefs. Prepare, organize and mark trial exhibits; list and coordinate exchange of exhibits. Prepare trial notebooks & witness files. Draft/modify list of documents & testimony to use in impeaching opposition witnesses. Prepare pretrial statements & settlement conference memoranda. Produce jury instruction & voir dire. Prepare & serve subpoenas, summons & service of process. Draft and revise deposition questions & prepare deposition outline. Review & assemble documents to be used in deposition and trial. Schedule court appearances. Develop "dossiers" on adverse experts. Prepare charts, graphs, & demonstrative exhibits for use at trial. Attend trial, record developments of case, reactions of jurors, witnesses & opposing counsel during trial. attend settlement conferences w/attorney & client. Coordinate time for filings. Prepare releases, settlement documents & entries of dismissal or satisfaction.

Real Property Paralegal                                                                                                                            

Conduct a title search or order title search & updates. Prepare a preliminary abstract of title & opinion on the title. Prepare subdivision, condominium, & timeshare registrations for in-state & out-of-state registrations. Draft registrations of recreational subdivisions for federal registrations. Organize recording procedures for large-scale recording & prepare draft of opinion letters. Perform financial calcs (amortization, net present value, discounting, APR) using Microsoft Excel. Assist in real estate closing. Prepare deeds and other docs for transfer of ownership of property. Negotiate and arrange for the purchase of title insurance coverage Assist client in obtaining mortgage financing. Review mortgage applications. Assist in recording mortgages. Assemble tax receipts. Adjust property taxes for closing. Prepare appropriate capital gains tax reports & affidavits. Draft Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statements. Draft & review permits & easements. Review, & plot legal descriptions. Draft grant, warranty, & other deeds. Draft deeds of trust & other loan documentation. Draft leases, assignments, extensions, & amendments. Draft contracts, assignments, & modifications. Redline changes in documents as each is revised. Draft & arrange for filing of UCC statements, amendments, extensions, & terminations. Prepare closing checklist for acquisition & loan transactions. Draft escrow instructions. Analyze & digest leases, assignments, extensions, amendments, & deeds. Review & determine validity of mineral claims through search & BLM records. Check & review zoning, Subdivision Map Act & comprehensive plan designations; obtain letters on designation as closing requirements. Review land surveys, parcel maps, & condominium plats. Draft closing statements & arrange closing date. Order amortization table. Prepare equalization form. Arrange for discharge of mortgage. Obtain closing figures from bank & prorate all closing costs. Notarize documents at closing. Follow up on post-closing items, including preparation of closing index & binder. Assist client in obtaining liability insurance. Coordinate office handling of insurance claims of client. Prorate real & personal property taxes. Draft contracts. Coordinate w/other parties, revise contract, handle contract execution. Review contract for critical dates & monitor calendar for deadlines. Arrange foreclosure sales & prepare appropriate documentation. Prepare for bankruptcy depositions.




CORPORATE/LITIGATION LEGAL ASSISTANT, Asset Legal Staffing, New York City 2000 Present

PARALEGAL/LEGAL DOCUMENT PRODUCTION TECH, Custom Staffing, New York City 2001-Present

LEGAL ASSISTANT to JAG, United States Marine Corp., Camp Pendleton, CA 1992-1996

REAL PROPERTY PARALEGAL, Honorable Earl Trent, Family Court Judge, Phila., PA 1989-96


Certificate in Paralegal Studies, Baruch College, New York City, NY Spring 2003