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  • Ad Hoc Legal Resources - Nationwide legal staffing provider of temporary and permanent attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries to law firms and corporations.
  • The Advocates - Legal and specialized consulting services for corporations, law firms, and legal professionals.
  • Alliance Connections - Legal staffing for the San Francisco Bay area.
  • American Legal Search - Recruiting firm providing contract and permanent placement of attorneys, in the United States, and law firm mergers and practice group acquisition services.
  • Amicus Juris - Legal recruiters that place patent, trademark, and other intellectual property attorneys in law firm and corporate legal department jobs nationwide.
  • Andy Aaron AttorneySearch - Places attorneys, office administrators, and legal assistants, with firms and corporations, in the New York metropolitan area and Northeast.
  • Ann Israel & Associates - National attorney search firm specializing in placement of associates, partners, and practice groups into law firms. Company information, description of services.
  • Associated Counsel of America - National legal search firm, with offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, specializing in placement of attorneys and paralegals, on a contract/temporary or direct hire basis, in law firms and corporate legal departments.
  • Attorney Headhunter - Attorney headhunter, based in Houston, Texas. Offers placement and search, with jobs listed, and tips for interviewing.
  • Barry M. Freiman, Esq. - Legal recruiter offering permanent placement with law firms, corporations, and legal departments.
  • Baum, Stevens, Inc. - Recruiting for all positions available to attorneys, including legal and non-legal positions, nationally and internationally, in law firms, corporations, and investment banks.
  • BCG Attorney Search - Permanent legal search and placement service. Job listings, company information.
  • Bordwell & Associates - California legal recruiters placing attorneys, paralegals, and staff in jobs with law firms and corporations.
  • Boston Legal Staffing, Inc. - Legal secretary, law clerk, paralegal, legal assistant, and real estate attorney staffing recruitment agency, based in Massachusetts.
  • Boyd and Sonenfield - Legal recruiters, based in Washington, District of Columbia. Company information.
  • Carolina Legal Associates - Legal placement services within South and North Carolina.
  • Carolina Legal Staffing - Provides temporary and permanent attorneys, paralegals, and support staff to law firms and corporate legal departments, throughout North and South Carolina.
  • Clausman Legal Staffing, Inc. - Offers direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary placement of attorneys, legal assistants, legal secretaries, and legal support staff. Offices are located in Houston and Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Job listing, application, company information.
  • Coleman Legal Staffing - Offering permanent search and placement services for lawyers, and permanent and temporary staffing services for lawyers and paralegals.
  • Compliance Inc. - Placement of entry level to experienced attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals, in temporary, project based, and long-term assignments, in Washington, D.C. and New York City.
  • Contract Counsel - Offering contract legal staffing and legal placement services. Recruiting lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals, and law clerks for per diem, temporary, or permanent assignments.
  • Counsel Search, Inc. - Atlanta based legal search firm that specializes in placing legal personnel with prominent corporations and law firms throughout the US. In-house and law firm positions.
  • Counselhounds, Inc. - Specializes in temporary/contract, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent placement, of attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff, in firms and corporations. Job listings, company information.
  • Dougherty and Associates, Inc. - Attorney recruiter placing qualified attorneys in all commercial practice areas, with emphasis on the specialities of Silicon Valley.
  • Ellen Hoffman - Specializes in placing lawyers in both corporations and law firms across the Northeast United States, including Connecticut, Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. Company information, application form.
  • Fast Track Litigation Support L.L.C. - Located in Oakland, California, provides temporary and permanent legal staffing, litigation database design and creation, transcript services, electronic evidence services, software sales, and training.
  • Filcro Legal Staffing - Recruiting firm that places legal secretaries, paralegals, and legal administrative staff in law firms and corporations in New York. Job listings, company information.
  • Global Litigation Solutions - Provides professional placements for the litigation industry.
  • Howard C. Bloom Co. - Based in Texas, offers placement and search for the legal profession. Company information, online job search.
  • Howard Sloan Search - Offers placement services for attorneys and paralegals.
  • J.C. Madden Legal Search & Staffing - Search firm, based in Boston, Massachusetts, placing attorneys, paralegals and secretaries.
  • JD Search Group - Offers a legal recruiter, headhunter, search, and placement, in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California. Company information and description of services.
  • John Kurosky & Associates - Professional search firm in California exclusively serving attorneys and law firms in the legal markets of California, Nevada and New York.
  • Judge's Legal Staffing Inc. - Recruits legal professionals for permanent, temporary, and temporary-to-hire placements. Positions range from support staff to senior management.
  • Juris Placement International - Domestic and international placement services for law firms and in-house counsel.
  • JurisPartners - Provides legal services and legal staffing in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  • JuriStaff, Inc. - Legal staffing company, endorsed by the Philadelphia Bar Association, recruiting attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and other support staff.
  • Juristech Associates, Ltd. - Legal search firm, based in Illinois, working nationwide for law firms and corporations, specializing in the recruitment of attorneys. Company information, online application form.
  • Kent Daniels & Associates, Inc. - Legal staffing service placing legal secretaries, paralegals, word processors, receptionists, and support clerks, in temporary and permanent positions, in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.
  • Kilman Advisory Group - Provides recruitment and outplacement services to corporate legal departments and law firms. Serves client operations in the United States, Canada, South America, and the Pacific Rim.
  • KMB & Co - Long Island based legal recruiting firm placing attorneys and paralegals throughout the New York, Long Island and Metropolitan regions.
  • L. Stevens & Company - Employment staffing service, based in Cleveland, Ohio, offering direct hire of legal and office support staffing.
  • LaSalle Legal Search - Placement firm based in Chicago.
  • - Legal recruiting firm that places attorneys and paralegals, nationally and internationally, in the legal industry.
  • Law Firm Staff, Inc. - Legal search and placement firm, with offices in California, Illinois, New York, Florida, and Texas, providing temporary and direct-hire placement of paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrative personnel in law firms.
  • Legal Employment Solutions - Places attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal assistants, and receptionists, in legal staffing positions, in the Columbus and central Ohio area.
  • Legal Liaisons, Ltd. - Places attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals, in permanent and temporary positions, throughout the United States.
  • Legal Network Ltd. - Legal staff provider, owned and operated by attorneys, provides temporary and permanent placement of legal staff, in the western Pennsylvania area.
  • Legal Personnel Inc. - Offers legal, clerical, and secretarial staffing and temporary recruiting. Offices are in Cheverly, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Company information, description of services.
  • Legal Personnel Services, Inc. - Recruitment services for legal secretaries, lawyers, and legal assistants. Offices are in Sacramento, San Jose, and Mountain View, California.
  • Legal Resources, Inc. - Legal support staff and research services. Attorneys.
  • Legal Search Network - Legal recruiters searching for candidates to fill top attorney job positions, in firms and companies, across the nation.
  • Legal Search Online - Specializes in legal staffing in Philadelphia and the tri-state area. Company information.
  • Legal Secretaries Online Recruitment - Recruitment service for legal secretaries in the UK and worldwide, offering a job finder service, careers chat room, vacancy database, and careers advice for legal secretaries including interview questions.
  • legal Staffing Group - Legal staffing agency placing paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff, in direct-hire and temporary jobs, in Orange County, California. Job listings, company information.
  • - Recruits legal secretaries, paralegals, legal assistants, IT professionals with legal experience, and other legal support professionals, for placement within the United States. Job listings.
  • LegalSource - Legal staffing agency, located in West Hartford, Connecticut, offering permanent and temporary jobs for attorneys, legal support staff, and legal management positions.
  • Lexolution, LLC - Provider of temporary paralegals to law firms and corporations throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • Major Legal Services - Recruits paralegals, secretaries, medical-legal specialists, and legal administrative staff, for permanent, temporary, and temp-to-hire placements in Ohio.
  • Margot Haber Legal Search, Inc. - Legal recruiter, based in New York, places lawyers at all levels of experience in job openings with law firms and in-house corporate legal departments.
  • Mazie & Company - Nationwide legal recruiting and career guidance firm, based in Washington, D.C.
  • MBA Legal Personnel - Offers legal support staffing in the San Francisco Bay area. Direct hire and temporary staff placement of paralegals, legal secretaries, word processors, legal administrators, records managers, and information technology support.
  • McAnney, Esposito & Kraybill Associates, Inc. - Legal staffing firm, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that places attorneys with law firms and corporations.
  • MentoringPros - Attorney recruiter and counselor providing rainmaking analysis of behavior patterns. One to one attorney counseling available.
  • Minzell & Associates, Inc. - Legal search agency offering short-term and long-term temporary and permanent placements, for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff, throughout Washington. Job listings.
  • MS Legal Search, LLC - Specializes in the legal industry, recruiting attorneys for national law firms and corporations, with a focus on the Houston legal market.
  • - Job site for job seekers in the legal industry. Applicants submit their resume, which is then sent to recruiters who submit matching job orders.
  • Nadine Bocelli & Company, Inc. - New York legal recruitment firm placing legal personnel, within law firms and legal departments, in New York City and the tri-state area.
  • Pacific Law Recruiters - Recruits legal secretaries, paralegals, and attorneys, for placement with law firms in Seattle, Washington.
  • Paralegal Recruiters - Specializes in recruitment of legal professionals, paralegals, legal secretaries, and legal assistants, throughout the United States.
  • Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. - Based in Denver, Colorado, places paralegals, legal secretaries, and attorneys, in Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Company information and a description of services.
  • Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. - Provides permanent and temporary placement of paralegals and attorneys, in Boston, Massachusetts, document research, and retrieval services.
  • Pat Taylor and Associates - Specializes in temporary and permanent placement of attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks.
  • Personnel Resources Organization, Inc. - Legal recruiters, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specializing in the placement of partner level attorneys, talented senior associates, and mergers and acquisitions of law firms.
  • Pittleman and Associates - Legal recruiting firm, in New York City, placing attorneys in permanent jobs in law firms, corporations, investment banks, management consulting firms, and other organizations.
  • Placement Partners, LLC - Legal Recruiting firm specializing in the lateral placement of attorneys and legal support throughout the United States.
  • Prescott Legal Search - Provides attorneys, paralegals, and temporary attorneys, in each of its Austin, Dallas, and Houston offices. Searchable database of current openings, submission information, company information.
  • Pro Tem Legal Services - Legal staffing provider, located in San Diego, California, that places legal secretaries, paralegals, word processors, file clerks, receptionists, and administrative assistants in temporary and permanent positions. Job listings.
  • Resource Dimensions, LLC - Placement services for legal and information technology professionals.
  • Search International - Legal recruiting firm, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that places attorneys in permanent positions in law firms and corporations worldwide.
  • Staffwise Legal, Inc. - Specializes in temporary and direct placement of paralegals, and support staff. Offices are located in Baltimore, Maryland, Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Missouri, and Washington, D.C.
  • Sterling Careers, Inc. - Provides employment opportunities for legal secretaries, paralegals, and attorneys within Florida.
  • Tech Law Recruiting - Located in La Grange, Illinois, recruits and places intellectual property attorneys nationally.
  • Templeton & Associates - Offers staffing of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff for law firms and corporations. Offices are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado. Company information and description of services.
  • TenHoor & Helffrich - Legal search firm, located in Washington, D.C.
  • Toby Spitz Associates, Inc. - Legal search firm, based in New York. Places attorneys in law firms and corporations worldwide.
  • Todays Legal - Provides temporary and permanent placement of attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries, in the United States and Canada.
  • Topaz Attorney Search - Headhunter specializing in legal careers, offering attorney placement in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Also provides consulting services to lawyers and merger and acquisition evaluation.
  • TS Legal & Placement, Inc. - Legal staffing and litigation support company, based in Los Angeles, California. Job listings, company information.
  • Update Legal - Legal placement firm, with offices in Massachusetts, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California, placing attorneys and paralegals in contract and permanent jobs.

Top Level Legal Websits 

  1. Update Legal - Legal placement firm, with offices in Massachusetts, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California, placing attorneys and paralegals in contract and permanent jobs.
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Legal Recruiters   (10)

  2. Lawyers Weekly Jobs - Nationwide job listings for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretarys, and other law professionals
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Job Listings   (4)

  3. Human Resources Management, Training, Jobs, Information - Labor Relations Legal Organizational Development Staffing Training and Development - the knowledge hub, community and marketplace for all things HR-related.
    --   Society: Work: Labor-Management Relations   (1)
  4. Elwood Legal Career Counseling Services - Career counseling and coaching for lawyers seeking better legal jobs or completely new directions, and more satisfying work.
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Career Counseling   (1)

  5. Kansas City Association of Legal Administrators - Site includes chapter news, officers, chairs, news, awards, members, calendar, links, and jobs.
    --   Society: Law: Organizations: Administration   (1)

  6. Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) - Lists information about the chapter, including membership, committees, jobs in the Northern California area, and California legal resources online.
    --   Society: Law: Law Libraries: Associations: American Association of Law Libraries   (2)

  7. The Lawyer - Online community for the entire legal profession, with the latest news, cases, jobs, events, business information, directories, products and services.
    --   Society: Law: Services   (1)
  8. - Provides school administrators access to the legal information and resources needed to do their jobs effectively.
    --   Reference: Education: K through 12: Administration   (1)
  9. - Web resource for legal, tax and regulatory issues. Includes legal news, jobs and careers, professional search, a legal dictionary, journal search. Parts of website require registration and login.
    --   Regional: Asia: India: Business and Economy: Legal Services   (1)
  10. - New Jersey paralegals can search for jobs, find schools, associations, join newsletter, and chat. Company's goal is to bring paralegals to one place for their career needs and legal field information.
    --   Society: Law: Organizations: Paralegals: United States: New Jersey   (1)
  11. Davidson Personnel - Database of jobs, candidates and resumes. Technical, legal and administrative placement services.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: California: Business and Economy: Employment   (1 match)

  12. Arizona Center for Disability Law - Advocates for the legal rights of persons with disabilities to be free from abuse, neglect and discrimination and to have access to education, health care, jobs, and other services in order to maximize independence and achieve equality.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Arizona: Society and Culture: Disability Resources   (1)

  13. Pierce County Government - Info includes the assessor-treasurer office, economic development, legal issues, permits, jobs, maps and recorded documents, and sheriff's services.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Washington: Counties: Pierce   (1)

  14. PrideStaff - Temporary staffing in many US states for clerical, telemarketing, light industrial, accounting, legal, and technical jobs.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Business and Economy: Employment: Staffing Services   (1)

  15. CCH Online Training - CCH online legal compliance training provides managers by training their staff to do their jobs in a legally compliant manner.
    --   Regional: Oceania: Australia: Victoria: Education: Training Organisations   (1)
  16. v-lex ltd. - Local solicitors specializing in the IT sector. Articles on IT law, including project legal check-list, news on jobs, information on people and services, as well as contact information.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Nottinghamshire: Nottingham: Business and Economy   (1)

  17. Hobson Audley - Solicitors specializing in business law, commercial property and commercial litigation. News, information on practice, such as jobs or areas of expertise, legal articles, legal glossary and other resources.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: London: Business and Economy: Legal Services   (1)
  18. Emplawyernet - Membership service with a searchable database of over 6000 legal jobs nationwide, updated daily, on-line career resources, and resume posting service.
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Job Listings   (4)

  19. Elite Recruitment Ltd - Merseyside based Legal Recruitment Company specialising in jobs for Solicitors and Legal Executives. All Permanant Jobs / Contracts.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Employment: Legal   (3)
  20. Newman Chase - Office and administration jobs in the telecommunications, financial, legal and service sectors.
    --   Regional: Europe: Ireland: Dublin: Municipalities: Dublin City: Business and Economy: Employment   (2)
  21. San Diego County Job Site - Jobs and career opportunities in technical, legal, and administrative fields.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: California: Counties: San Diego: Business and Economy: Employment   (1)

  22. G2 Legal Recruitment Agency - Legal employment specialists recruiting for legal jobs at all levels, from legal secretary to full equity partner, across the UK.
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Legal Recruiters   (10)

  23. - Listing legal and law-related jobs, with free searches, a job agent feature, and the opportunity to post your qualifications for employers to review.
    --   Society: Law: Employment: Job Listings   (4)
  24. Quality Personnel - Employment agency located in Richardson, Texas. Permanent, temporary, and temp to hire jobs in administration, clerical, legal, medical, financial, marketing, and light industrial. Resumes and Notary.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Texas: Localities: R: Richardson: Business and Economy   (1)

LEGAL JOB LISTING WEBSITES - Job listings, and the opportunity for applicants to post resumes.

  • Bizilaw Careers - Singapore based legal careers for lawyers, law students and other legal professionals.
  • The Court Reporting Store - Help wanted ads for court reporters
  • Emplawyernet - Membership service with a searchable database of over 6000 legal jobs nationwide, updated daily, on-line career resources, and resume posting service.
  • HG Legal Employment Center - Searchable employment opportunity database, with an automatic notification system when a job is added to practice areas you select.
  • - Review job listings, research employers and salary information, and get career advice. From Glocap Legal Search.
  • Career Center - National job listings for attorneys and legal support staff.
  • - Searchable job listings for attorneys, paralegals, investigators, and court reporters.
  • Lawyers Weekly Jobs - Nationwide job listings for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretarys, and other law professionals
  • Legal CV - Direct legal job board, allowing law firms and law companies to post vacancies.
  • - Listing legal and law-related jobs, with free searches, a job agent feature, and the opportunity to post your qualifications for employers to review.
  • Law Career Channel - Law job listings and resume services
  • - A listing of available court positions in states in the western United States
  • Employment Agencies

    Find Full Service & Specialty Recruiters That Serve New York City.

    >> - Post Your Resume. Thousands Of Jobs Available.

    5th Ave. Executive Staffing - IT recruiter

    A Taylor Personnel Limited

    A.T. Kearney Executive Search

    Aavis Resources

    Abacus Group - financial and accounting jobs

    Abbott Associates - Accounting & Finance Recruitment Specialists

    Absolutely Professional Staffing

    AC Lion International - technical jobs

    Academic Physician and Scientist - recruitment in academic medicine

    Access Staffing

    Accountants on Call


    Adam Personnel - Professional employment agency

    Adams & Ryan, Inc.


    Adele Poston Agency - domestic and nursing jobs

    Advantage Staffing

    AETEA Information Technology Inc.

    Affiliates, The


    Allegiance Group

    Alliance Consulting e-Commerce and IT careers

    Analysts International

    Andover Research, Ltd. - Professional employment agency

    Ann Israel & Associates - legal jobs

    Antal International

    APA International Placement Consultants

    April International - Executives search

    Aquent - agency for creative, web, and tech professionals

    Ariel Associates - Professional employment agency

    Arnold Huberman Associates, Inc.


    Assigned Counsel Inc. - Contract attorneys

    Association of Executive Search Consultants - executive search

    ATS Professional Services - Professional employment agency

    Avondale Search International, Inc.

    Bank Staffers

    Barrister Referrals, Ltd. - Law jobs

    Battalia Winston International

    BDP Management Consulting Group, Inc. - Executive search firm

    Bishop Partners - Executive search

    BLB Consulting - Human Resources jobs

    Boardroom Consultants

    Bonell Ryan Inc.

    Bornholdt Shivas & Friends Executive Recruiters

    Brenner Resources - Hi paying jobs

    BrickWork Consulting Inc

    Broadway Technical Recruiters - High tech jobs

    Brookville Search

    Business System Technologies Corporation

    Butler Technical Group

    Canine Creative Staffing - We staff freelance and permanent positions in Advertising, Communications, Marketing, and Publishing. Design and production!

    Capstone Partnership

    Cardiff Group, Inc. - Professional employment agency

    Careers In Accounting, Banking and MIS - Jobs in accounting, banking and MIS

    Careers On The Move

    Cary Hart Associates - management for colleges & schools


    Co-Counsel, Inc. - Legal jobs

    Columbia Consulting Group Inc

    Command Consultants

    Computer Graphic Resources, Inc. - Computer graphic and creative jobs

    Computer Jobs on Long Island and NYC - High tech jobs


    CONEX / InterSearch

    Connections of New York - High tech jobs

    Consulting Direct

    COR Management Systems - Professional employment agency

    Corporate Search - Professional employment agency

    Counsel By Request - Legal jobs

    Creative Connections Agency - fashion industry placement

    Creative Freelancers - For freelancers

    Creative Network Systems - Print and new media jobs

    Cromwell Partners Interactive - executive search firm

    Custom Staffing -Jobs for legal and financial corporations

    Cutting Edge Personnel - Professional employment agency

    Datacom Technology Group - IT recruiter

    David Werner International Corporation - jobs for senior executives

    Development Resource Group - Professional employment agency

    Directorship Search Group - executive search

    Earley Kielty LLC

    eclaro - High tech jobs

    Ed Bertolas Associates, Inc. - executive search

    Edgewater Group, The - IT recruiter

    EDP Contract Services - IT recruiter

    EFCO Consultants Inc. - Over the past Thirty-Five years, EFCO Consultants has built itself into one of the United States leading placement and consulting firms.

    Elite Technical Services, Inc.

    Enterprise Engineering, Inc. - EEI -High tech jobs

    Eric Salmon & Partners

    Execu - Search Group - Professional employment agency

    Executive Link Recruiters

    EZDNYC, Inc. - Hi tech jobs

    Fanning Technical Search - IT recruiter


    Ferguslex - legal jobs

    Fifth Avenue Executive Staffing - IT recruiter

    Filcro Personnel - Professional employment agency

    Filcro Personnel, Inc. - media, legal, and financial staffing.

    Find Network - new media jobs

    Finest Employment Agency Inc.

    Focus Staffing

    Fortune Personnel Consultants - Professional employment agency

    Forum Personnel INC.

    Francis Real Search - Jobs for all related real estate specialties

    Freeman DiMarco Associates - executive search firm

    Gainor Staffing - Professional employment agency

    Galaxy Management Group, Inc. - IT recruiter


    Gilbert Tweed Associates

    Global Alliance Consulting, Inc. - IT recruiter

    Global Careers - Professional employment agency

    Gould, McCoy & Chadick, Inc.

    Gregory & Gregory Legal Staffing - Legal staffing

    GT Solutions Inc - High tech jobs

    Guidance Staffing - Full service employment agency

    Hartline Associates - IT recruiter

    Hayard Simone/Karma Logics

    Heidrick & Struggles

    Herbert Mines Associates, Inc.

    Hillary Taylor Personnel Consultants

    Hire Technology, LLC

    Howard-Sloan Legal/Professional Search

    HRCS - executive search

    Hunt & Howe

    IIT Inc. - High tech jobs

    InPlace Technical Resources, Inc. - IT recruiter

    Insurance Overload

    Intelligent Marketing Solutions, Inc. - jobs in law and accounting

    International Resource Management Services - Transportation professionals

    ITFirms Career Resources - Professional employment agency

    Island Consulting Associates - A  staffing "boutique" employment service specializing in administrative automation, IT & training consulting & staffing support.

    J. Patrick and Associates Incorporated - jobs in the telecommunications industry

    Jay-Stevens Associates

    JB Homer Associates

    JDV International - IT recruiter

    Jhirad Consulting

    JP Canon Associates

    Juniper Systems, Inc.

    Juno Systems - IT recruiter

    Juris Placement International - Placing lawyers and paralegals

    Karlyn Associates

    Katharine Gibbs School

    KENDA Inc

    Kenzer Corp.

    Kinser & Baillou, LLC

    Kirk Palmer & Associates - senior level executives

    Kramer Executive Resources, Inc. - Jobs for financial, tax and accounting professionals

    Kreisler & Associates, LLC

    Landover Associates - High tech jobs

    Laury Group - Full service employment agency

    Law Match - Jobs in legal industry

    Lend-a-Hand - Restaurant and bar jobs

    Levine Hirshorn & Associates - Fashion and retail jobs

    Lucas Group - Full service employment agency  

    Lucerne Partners, LLC

    Maravin Associates, Ltd

    Margo Berk Staffing

    Margot Haber Legal Search, Inc. - attorney jobs

    Marina Sirras & Associates LLC - Placement of attorneys

    Marshall Consultants, Inc. - executive search

    Martin H. Bauman Associates, LLC.

    Mayfair Employment Agency, Inc. - Service jobs

    Medical Directions - Medical staffing

    Merlin Temps

    Michael Page International

    Mitchell/Martin, Inc.

    Moyer, Sherwood Associates

    My Recruiter.Com - High tech jobs

    Nesco Staffing Technical Staffing


    NorthStar Technologies, Inc

    NY Job Exchange - accounting and financial jobs

    Objective Solutions - Professional employment agency

    Oliver Staffing, Inc. - IT recruiter

    Otec - High tech jobs

    Oxford Global Resources

    Paladin Staffing Services

    Paralegal Employment Opportunities - Professional employment agency

    PARITY Selection  - Hi Tech jobs.

    Pathfinder's Personnel Incorporated

    Pavillion Agency

    Peak Organization - Jobs in finance, law, and accounting

    Pencom Systems Incorporated

    Penda Aiken Inc.

    Personalized Staffing Inc.

    Picard International - executive search

    Pierce Technology

    Pinnacle Group International - investment banking jobs

    Pittleman and Associates Inc. - Jobs in the legal profession

    Platinum IT Consulting - IT recruiter

    PMSI Publishing & Media Recruiting


    Prager-Bernstein Group - career counseling, coaching and outplacement firm

    Precision Executive Search Professional recruiting firm

    Princeton Information

    Professional Corporate Search Inc. - Sales and marketing Jobs

    Professionals for Nonprofits - Jobs in nonprofit organizations

    Project One, Inc.

    PS Inc. - Professional employment agency

    PTS Group Financial Recruitment -  Financial jobs

    Quantum Technical Recruiting

    Raines International

    Raskin Executive Search

    Redwood Partners - executive recruitment

    RemX Financial Staffing

    Resources In Food

    RHI Consulting

    RHI Management Resources

    Richard Wonder & Associates - IT Recruiter

    Riotto-Jones Associates - banking jobs

    RK Services

    RL Zapin Associates, Inc.  - We specialize in the placement of Direct and Database Marketing professionals as well as Credit Risk/Policy and Marketing Research. We work with you to target your search.

    Rosenthal Associates International - specializes in female and minority placement

    Roz Goldfarb Associates

    Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc.

    RWF Enterprises - executive recruitment

    SANS Consulting Services, Inc.

    Search, Inc.

    SeBA International, LLC

    Seven Staffing - IT recruiter

    Signature Domestic Services, Inc. - specializes in domestic personnel

    Silicon Alley Connections, LLC - IT recruiter

    SkillMatch, Inc. - IT recruiter

    Smyth Associates, Inc.

    Snelling Personnel Service Professional Placements

    Special Counsel

    Special Jobs Express

    Spence Associates International

    Spencer Stuart & Associates

    SPIREknowledge, Inc.

    Sporn Group Legal Consulting - Legal jobs

    Sporn Group Technical Consulting - High tech jobs

    Staff I.T., Inc. - IT staffing company.

    Stanton Healthcare Group

    Sterling Domestics - Domestic jobs

    Strategic Legal

    Sunny Bates Associates

    Swing Shift - placing people in temporary and permanent positions

    Synergy Partners, Inc.


    Tech Locus - IT recruiter

    Technical Consulting Associates, Inc. - IT recruiter

    Technology Staffing On Call - High tech jobs


    TelTech International

    Temporary Attorney Staffing - Full service employment agency

    Temporary Staffing by Suzanne - providing temporary placements in Manhattan

    The Concorde Group - Full service employment agency

    The Diversified Search Companies

    The Drum Corps, LLC - Professional employment agency

    The Employment Line - Temporary, permanent and temp-to-hire positions in Manhattan.

    The Fry Group, Inc

    The Gromwell Group - Fashion and entertainment jobs

    The Laury Group - Professional employment agency

    The MONY Group

    The Premier Group

    The Recruitment Company

    The Supporting Cast - Full service employment agency

    The TemPositions Group of Companies

    The Tuttle Agency - New York, NY - Full service recruiting agency specializing in placing people in temporary and permanent jobs in the industries of Administration, Legal, Healthcare, Hospitality and Fashion.

    Tiger Information Systems, Inc. - Full service employment agency

    TJ Hunter

    TMP Worldwide

    Toby Spitz Associates - Full service employment agency

    Todays Staffing

    Tonic Associates, Inc. - Accounting and financial jobs

    Traverse Technologies - High tech jobs

    Tyler Search Consultants

    United Staffing Systems

    Update Graphics - Graphic jobs

    Vance Staffing Services - Professional employment agency

    Viscusi Group, Inc. - jobs in the interior furnishings industry

    Volt Services Group - IT recruiter

    Wachernut Security corrections staffing

    Wall Street Services - Jobs in the financial services industry

    Wall Street Technology Network - Hi tech jobs

    Wayne Group Ltd.

    Wert & Company

    Whitehead Mann

    Whitney Group, The - financial jobs

    William K. McLaughlin Associates - Executive search

    Wolikow Associates - High tech jobs

    World Data Processing, Inc.

    Wright Associates

    Newspapers & Job Banks

    Links To Newspapers & Job Banks That Serve New York City.

    Employment Agencies

    Links To Full Service & Specialty Employment Agencies In New York City.

    New York City Employers

    Links To Employers That Post Jobs To Their Website.

    New York State Jobs

    Links To Job Banks & Career Resources That Serve The State Of New York.

    Career Specific Jobs

    Your Online Source for Finding A Job In The Career Specific Industries.


    More Than Just A Job Bank. We Provide You With Links To Hundreds Of Career Resources & Job Banks For FREE! View Our Career Specific Jobs Links Below.

    Accounting Jobs - Accounting and some jobs in finance.

    Aviation Jobs - Pilots, flight staff, and Aerospace Engineering & more.

    Computer Jobs - Information technology and hi tech jobs.

    Creative Jobs - Artists, graphic design and jobs for creative people.

    Engineer Jobs - Every kind of engineering jobs plus other hi tech jobs.

    Environmental Jobs - Scientists, engineers, admin staff, research and more.

    Financial Jobs - Investment, accounting, support staff and more.

    Government Jobs - Different agencies within the government and all positions.

    Health Jobs - Doctors, techs, dentists, rehab support staff and more.

    HR Jobs - Human Resource professionals.

    Legal Jobs - Attorney and legal support staff.

    Library Jobs - Librarian, information science and related jobs.

    Media Jobs - TV, newspaper, radio and other media & broadcasting.

    Marketing Jobs - Marketers, sales and direct marketing.

    Science Jobs - Bio-Chemists, chemists, archaeology and more.

    Nursing Jobs - Nursing and medical support staff.

    Software Jobs - Programmers, developers, testers & product specialists.

    Telecom Jobs - Broadband, cellular and anything else related.

    Teaching Jobs - Teaching on all levels and support staff.

    Agriculture Jobs - More Than just farm jobs.

    Automotive Jobs - Car sales and automotive technicians.

    Christian Jobs - Pastors, teachers and other jobs in the ministry.

    Construction Jobs- Construction, plumber, electricians architects & more

    Fashion Jobs - Clothing designers, models and other fashion jobs.

    Fire & Police Jobs - Law enforcement careers as well as fire and public safety.

    Hospitality Jobs - restaurant, hotel, casino, cruise lines and retail staff.

    Sports Jobs - With professional and college teams and more.

    TV & Movie Jobs - Job in film plus techs, extra's, crew and more.

    Transportation Jobs - Trucking and moving plus tech jobs.

    Other Jobs - Anything not listed above may be listed here.

    Volunteer Jobs - For those interested in serving our country for joy of it

    Professional Staffing Agencies

  • Adecco - World's largest temp agency.
  • Dunhill Staffing Systems - Specializes in financial, administrative, office, clerical, information technology, health care, sales, marketing, technical, manufacturing, and engineering. Offices throughout North America.
  • Expert Access - Personal service that finds and screens consultants. Specializes in finding consultants in the fields of Training, E-learning, and Organization Development.
  • Express Personnel Services - Provides employment and staffing solutions, including evaluation and direct hire, flexible staffing, temporary help, facility staffing and executive placement. Has over 425 locations throughout the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Express Professional Staffing - Provides professionals for contract and permanent positions in: Accounting/Finance, Engineering/Manufacturing/Technical, Information Technology, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources and Healthcare. Offices throughout US and Canada.
  • Kelly Services - Worldwide leader in the Staffing Industry for over fifty years. From engineers to accountants -- attorneys to desktop publishers -- home health care to clinical research -- Kelly places people of all skill levels in virtually every industry across the globe.
  • Manpower - The largest staffing and employment service in the world. Operates3,500 branch offices and franchises in 54 countries.
  • MSX International - Over 100 offices worldwide. Specializing in engineering, supply chain, and communications staffing.
  • Olsten - World leader in staffing services and North America's largest provider of home health care and related services. Across North America, South America and Europe, Olsten employs approximately 700,000 people and provides services to approximately 600,000 client and patient accounts annually.
  • The Personnel Department - Provides temporary and permanent placement services in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton), the US (Salt Lake City, Portland) and Australia (Sydney).
  • Randstad Staffing - International staffing agency servicing office, industrial, professional, creative, and technical fields.
  • Spherion - Operates more than 1,000 offices throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Has specialized business groups ranging from technology to outsourcing to executive search and staffing.
  • StaffMark - Career opportunities and human resource solutions in office, administration, light industrial, desktop publishing, and training. Offices throughout North America.
  • Staffing Exchange - Provides a multiple listing service for staffing firms and an integrated staffing vendor management system for employers.
  • Todays Staffing - Provides permanent and temporary clerical, professional, and legal staffing in the U.S. and Canada.

    • American Job - Job Fairs dates and locations nationwide. This site is by American Job Fairs, the producer of Help Wanted Expo.
    • Career Days - Listing of Career-days and career-fairs worldwide.
    • Career Fair Productions - Offers high tech and diversity career fairs, recruitment events and strategy.
    • - Lists upcoming job fairs and companies that will be represented. Job seekers can also post their resumes.
    • CFG's Career Fairs - Over 200 career fairs nationwide for sales, business and management and IT/MIS and engineering professionals. Find calendar of events and details about career fairs across the country.
    • Driving Jobs Net Work - Job listings and company profiles for job seekers in the trucking industry. Has an open job fair every month with an open chat server.
    • - Promoting job fairs in Virginia and New England. Providing a list of all career expos in the nation.
    • Jobs & Adverts - A search platform for international job offers. Refine search by choosing a region or select directly one of six specific job fairs.
    • NAACP Diversity & High Tech Career Fairs - Resources for diversity candidates and employers.
    • National Career Fairs - Nationwide producer of career fairs and recruiting events.
    • Northwest Career, Job and Education Expo - Largest expo in the pacific northwest offering online resumes, links to employers' jobs, educational seminars, job searching tips.
    • PC Career Expo - PC Career Expo produced by Shomex Productions and PC EXPO, IT career fairs.
    • Professional Exchange - Over 80 Career Events planned for 2001 ranging from general recruitment to specialized areas such as technology, health, science, biotech, and diversity.
    • Spring Break Career Expo - Held every March during spring break in Texas & Florida
    • Technoskill Career Fair - hourgroup is comprised of job fairs, trade show management, customer based marketing, public relations, and data mining. We also arrange conferences, meetings, conduct planning and project leadership. convergence 2001, technoskills.
    • Women For Hire - Online recruiting site targeted at college educated women. Also produces career fairs nationaly.