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Computer Technician


To secure a position as a computer consultant/network technician.Summary of Qualifications

b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Installing and configuring software

b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Defragging and using other tools to keep PCs operating at peak performance.

b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Building computer systems and configure Microsoft networks.
b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Troubleshooting PC problems and resolving them.
b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Managing inventory and maintaining database of users and equipment.
b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Installing and integrating networks over the Internet and intra-net. 
b_styleb.gif (988 bytes) Most experience in Windows 95, 98, NT and Novell. 
Repair/Upgrading Installing/Uninstalling hardware
Troubleshooting Making components work with each other (Hardware/software)
Building Building PCs from nothing but the motherboard and/or CPU
Consulting Leading people step by step by phone to solve PC problems
Teaching Instructing audiences with varied skills on many computer topics

Employment History


Systems Data Analyst (Volunteer) - Information Systems Technology Department

3 months

-Labeling computers, putting load-sets on computers, configuring load-set parameters, keeping inventory of computers.  


Systems Data Analyst - part-time - Mental Health Department

12 months

-Installing systems from box, installing software onto systems, troubleshooting hardware/software problems, configuring systems for network (Novell, IBM), Kermit troubleshooting, running network wire to systems, turning on network socket switches for different systems, assisting users with questions/training regarding hardware/software packages, transferring data from users old PC to new PC using LapLink software and cables, instructing users on new computer operation,  taking inventory of new/old computers as well as labeling them. 


Automation Technician - part-time - Fire Administration

3 months

-Installing systems from box, installing software, troubleshooting HW/SW problems, configuring systems for network (Novell, 95, NT, IBM), running wire to computers from network, performing upgrades on various systems (hardware/software), taking inventory of computers (fixed assets), creating schedules for users, assisting users with computer problems, instructing all Fire Departments across the county on (Windows 95, WinNT, Win 3.11, MS Office, WordPerfect applications, all hardware/software issues), inventory planning and updating, and many other computer-related tasks.


Automation Technician - part-time - The Computer Den

4 months ending December, 1998 (Business slow - part-time hours not needed)

-Hardware/Software installation, including configuring motherboards for various CPUs re-formatting hard drives for any operating system, fully configuring Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 3.1 for any compatible hardware.  Taking inventory of

computer equipment; Performing diagnostics and providing a written report in laymans terms for the customers; Providing guidance to customers who were not sure  of their equipment needs; Operating the cash register when needed.

Education and Training






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