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Representing Individuals


Given today's business environment, computer professionals are recognizing the need to take control of their careers.  We develop a customized battle plan, implement the key  tactics, and monitor the campaign.  We provide expert counsel, access to resources that would be otherwise unavailable, and muster considerable forces to move you forward.

The recent rash of business consolidations, mergers and acquisitions has left many feeling out of control.  As one executive recently commented, he is "no longer willing to wait until the company comes to him".  By becoming a client, you place yourself back in control.

A common misconception is one's ability to solely rely upon their personal network or classified ads in newspapers as the sole source of employment opportunities.  Even with an extensive network, individuals are much more limited than they believe.  One is limited to the chance their contacts may have any knowledge of opportunities.  Additionally, one can only call on their colleagues once.  Calling on them repeatedly diminishes you.

Another misconception is the likelihood that an employment agency firm will have a off-the-shelf position for them.  As one should, people routinely contact all the IT recruiters they have worked with in the past.  However, the expectation that they will have a position is unreasonable.  Why?  Because if they had a position they would have called you already.  In addition, they work for the companies, not individuals, and are not equipped to push your interests.

So what do you do when search firms aren't calling, you've called all of your contacts, searched all of the job boards, and failed in interviews without even knowing why?  Contact us immediately.

Avoid the mistake of waiting too long to get started, and suffering from the emotional pain, financial pain and loss of credibility resulting from being out of the market.  We encourage you to contact us without delay.  We will answer any questions and determine together if this service is appropriate for you, and if you qualify.

Our organization will provide the following:
  • Chronological and Functional resume preparation
  • Cover Letter and business correspondence preparation
  • Comprehensive internet career specific employment opportunities
  • On-line training for IT professionals and more

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